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The Saving Of Time Essay

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Four Percent, to students and teachers the difference between an “A” and an “A+”, but to the rest of the world, 4% means a whole lot more. Whether it represents the increase in taxes, the amount of impoverished, or the fluctuation in their stock, it all has significance to them and they would fight tooth and nail to stop it. So why not for Daylight Savings? According to Matthew Kotchen, 4% is how much Daylight Savings costs us each year (Source F). Despite its lack of prevalence in the economy, Daylight Savings serves only to impair the American economy and stand as a remembrance of World War II, though many more obsess over their loss of an hour of sleep. As such, Daylight Savings not only ...view middle of the document...

The economy is faulting, and millions are losing jobs. Everywhere, people are trying to save money. Unfortunately for the residents of Indiana, they pay an extra nine million dollars every year because of Daylight Savings (Source F). Instead of wasting that money on heating expenses, that nine million dollars could be going towards their increasing population of homeless and jobless residents, who plague the streets of cities. And because of Daylight Savings and economic troubles, these people will be forced to starve, lucky to eat a small morsel that would warm their empty stomachs from the bitter cold.
These people stand as a sad metaphor for America, hungry for the pride and glory it once had, which generously filled it’s cavernous stomach and left the sweet taste of satisfaction in it’s mouth. Now America suffers, like the man who gambled everything and lost it all. It is because of Daylight Savings, not only are the schedules of every individual disturbed, but those of international transports (airplanes, ships, etc.) face the same fate. In “Seize the Daylight: The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time”, David Prerow write, “airlines… anticipated a loss of many millions of dollars.” (Source C). And as all commerce is conducted, the debt is passed on, trickling down to the common man of America who now has to pay twenty-five dollars in baggage fees and preposterous...

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