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The Sad Tale.The Demise Of Arthur Anderson

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Staying On Track:
How to Stay Engaged as an Adult Learner in an Online Learning Environment

Advancements in technology have brought tremendous changes and reforms in the education sector. It is of interest to scholars that anytime-anywhere is a strategy used to entice students to enroll in online courses. Unlike in the recent past where traditional classes were the only way to achieve academic excellence, it is now possible to attend virtual classes.It Provides flexibility in one's schedule. However, even with this advancement in education, it becomes a challenge to students enrolled in this kind of learning to cope and maintain the high degree of academic excellence.
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(Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2005)
Having a time plan for studies of the week is also important. Time is a resource that requires proper management.If not properly utilized, it could lead to problems especially for onliners.Reading, studying, participating in an online forum and completing assignments can be a very challenging task especially where one is working or handling other activities that are non-academic. Planning for a regular study time and prioritizing on academic activities is what successful online students do
Logging in on the course homepage regularly when not busy.log into the homepage may be three times a week is crucial and is a recipe for success in online classes. The student should participate in forums and contribute to the discussions that the classmates are discussing.However; the comments that they make initially may not receive the response and lead to discouragement, but as time lapses they begin to enjoy and feel part of the community and also enhance the learning experience. It is also of critical interest to check on any announcement made by the instructor and review course materials. (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2005)
Asking questions is part of online learning. For one to actively participate in this program and also benefit one needs to ask questions. There are some concepts that are sophisticated and complex, and therefore it becomes difficult to grasp the concept without the instructor's help. It is this reason that raising a question becomes relevant. Also frequently consulting with the instructor on areas that are not clear and also on career path is also not to underestimated. Before one raises a question it is important for one to understand what they are asking and why they are doing so (, 2015)
Create connections with fellow students through social media platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter just to mention a few. Having one or two friends that they can ask questions and...

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