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The Role Of The Student Nurse In Higher Education

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A student in Higher Education and a Future Healthcare Practitioner.
In this essay I will explore my initial reflections on my role as a student in higher education. There will a discussion on my role as a future healthcare practitioner and the efforts I need to make to achieve the professional status of a nurse. I will discuss my learning styles and identify key developmental needs to be addressed. There will be discussions on the concepts of professionalism and accountability.
In the United Kingdom today all newly qualified nurses must have a nursing degree as required by The Nursing and Midwifery Council. This significant overhaul to Florence Nightingale’s eighteenth century era, ...view middle of the document...

Upon exploring my role as a future healthcare practitioner, I have a responsibility to portray myself in the desired characteristics of a professional .As highlighted in the NMC Code of Conduct (2008) ‘to be open and honest, act with integrity, and uphold the reputation of your profession’. I pledge to uphold the reputation of my university and my personal reputation as a nursing student and a future nurse.
I have a better understanding of my role as student in higher education and its relevance to my future role as nurse. I will be expected to adapt efficiently and effectively to changes in health policies, evidence-based practice and new innovations. This is underpinned by the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code which states that ‘’ the skills and knowledge for nurses must be up to date throughout their working lives’’ NMC, 2008). Therefore my success as student and as a future nurse depends on me taking full responsibility for my own learning and addressing my weaknesses.
Whilst on placement I am expected to demonstrate a high level of competency. Which I intend to develop by way of reflective practice. According to Dallas and Sully (2005) reflective practice will allow me structured exploration of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that underpin my clinical placement practice and I will be laying the foundation for continued professional development and life-long learning.
Upon further reflection on my role as student in Higher education I see myself as a learner looking to be educated in a wide range of academic and clinical abilities and to achieve a foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes required in the healthcare profession. Newman quoted in Watson (2006) considers university a place where character is formed and self-awareness is developed. Elwood et al (2011) indentified five core values of adult learning; the adult learner needs to be self directed, collects a wealth of experience, is ready to develop own learning needs and is ready to learn. Upon reflection I have already acquired and put to use all these five values. During the early stages of my education I have needed skills in organisation, flexibility and managerial skills, these are skills I already have and will develop further to help my competencies.
From taking learning style tests, it was shown that I learn more effectively via kinaesthetic (interactively) styles. As a kinaesthetic learner I learn best by using a combination of methods and being actively involved in learning. Thus interactive lectures and collaborative group working will be invaluable for my learning needs as well as using a variety of learning resources. According to Sharples (2009) understanding my own learning style is vital in developing my ability to learn and engage with a variety of learning experiences. I am however aware of my evolving learning styles and intend to develop other learning techniques that are offered in the learning support resources included in the course modules.

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