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The Role Of The Project Mananger

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The Role of the Project Manager
The Project Manager is responsible for carrying out the more detailed day-to-day management of project activities. These responsibilities include:
* acting as the single point of contact during project delivery;
* managing Delivery Stage activities of the project in accordance with the NPMS. This includes:
* providing support to the Project Leader during the development of all Identification Stage deliverables;
* preparing the Project Management Plan;
* initiating the request for a PRAC meeting and providing the related documents as per the National Project Management System Real Property Procedure on Project Reviews;
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Project costs include client funded furniture, fixtures and furnishings (FFE) costs. Project schedule and costs are provided to the Accommodation Manager in support of writing the investment analysis and are updated as the project unfolds;
* ensuring that required technical inspections, studies, assessments, reviews, etc. are conducted;
* obtaining base building/as-built plans and working with clients (and the A&E team as required) in the design of space (in consultation with Accommodation Manager) and obtaining services of consultants for preparation of tenant improvement plans and specifications;
* managing the project and assigning and detailing roles and responsibilities identified in pertinent internal and interdepartmental agreements;
* developing a procurement plan for services and products not provided through the lease (including screens/furniture and moves), and identifying the procurement method through consultation with the Design Manager and the Acquisitions Supply Officer at project delivery stage;
* developing a cost plan of project, including obtaining estimates during the various phases of the project, i.e. the consultant provides class A, B, C or D estimate of fit-up cost, based on completed drawings;
* negotiating and obtaining written agreements with participating departments when project-specific resource commitments or activities need to be documented in the interest of effective project management;
* determining if the project requires an environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), and if required, ensuring it is completed prior to tendering the construction contract;
* liaising with RPB - Fire Protection Engineers and providing drawings for their review;
* arranging for the tendering of tenant improvements with landlords, including reviewing bids, obtaining breakdown of pricing as required, negotiating pricing, confirming the construction schedule, advising the Accommodation Manager/Project Leader of any budgetary issues and providing recommendations for preparation of Sub-Agreement(s) to the Accommodation Manager/Leasing Officer;
* calling/attending and recording minutes of construction related meetings as necessary during the tenant fit-up phase;
* ensuring the furniture inventory in the client department's existing space is included in the...

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