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The Role Of Team Training Essay

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Introduction: What is your perception about team training?
In today’s turbulent environment where changes seem to be constant organizations are forced to face new challenges by accelerating and making all their activities effective. Organizations need to respond to the changes of external environment by improving quality, reducing cost and by using fully their human capital. I believe using teamwork can be a better way for improving organizational performance. Furthermore, the use of teams has expanded dramatically in response to competitive changes. It is also evident that all types of organizations including academic institutions are using teams to perform tasks. For example, in the ...view middle of the document...

In a team training members create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their limitations. Towards this end, team training will improve team work related activities and selfefficacy.

Discussions: The process of this team training
In this section I have tried to see the process by classifying it in four scenarios where participants performed either individually or as a team along with its implication to the participants or teams. Scenario 1. Guessing who is this person? Participants were asked to write a short paragraph on a question from two questions based on preferences. First and foremost participants had the opportunity to express themselves based on the response they gave to the question of their choice. At the initial stage of the team training this alone seems to facilitate the process of getting to know each other. On this social level guessing who wrote the selected response enabled participants to know each other. It was evident that many of the true guesses were either by a friend or someone the respondent believes that he or she knows the person, this indicates there was raising awareness of what the different participants want/don’t want, their attitudes and experiences, and so one has to postulate the participants in different dimensions. At this stage there was more communication and most of us began to speak more freely. Everyone felt less shy and I was able to relax. So from an initial desire of the participants to be able to speak to each other we can clearly see each participant tries to know each other.


Scenario 2. Computing in groups. Sign language At this game the requirement of full participation of the team members to answer questions correctly within the time limit, was quite observable. This seems to suggest everyone in team participates to achieve the task, so everyone celebrates in the team’s success, surpassing the team on to push for further success. The following pictures are taken from the fourth scenario.




Scenario 3. Moving the coin along the group. To hide and puzzle the location of the coin to the computing group. At this stage leaders tend to emerge. Besides some became spokesperson. On the top of that team members where concerned about the processes the team goes through and by which the team achieves these outcomes. Everyone tried to hide the coin by confusing the other team. There was effective function of the teams throughout: leaning close to each other to avoid...

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