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The Role Of Media In Nuclear Policy

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The Role of Media in Nuclear Policy


The public perception of nuclear operations has the potential to tighten regulations for energy production as well as waste removal. This paper will focus mainly on the effects of pro and anti-nuclear media on policy creation and modification for the peaceful uses of atomic energy.

fear of nuclear

There are many groups around the world that are opposed to the expansion of nuclear energy. Most of these groups are environmental groups primarily concerned with the risks of energy production by nuclear means as well as the dangers of nuclear waste generated by energy production.
There are various methods groups can use to ...view middle of the document...

” These high-price high- profile entertainment outlets create an illusion to risk imbalanced to those risks much more present in the public life.

Advocates of Nuclear

Many media sources that advocate the peaceful use of atomic energy comes from those firms which have business in the nuclear energy sector. In the past there has been surprising influences advocating the use of nuclear energy; the Walt Disney Corporation published “The Walt Disney Story of Our Friend the Atom” to educated youth and those interested on many aspects of the nuclear science.
There are fewer groups of nuclear advocates compared to those opposed to nuclear, but the advocate groups are more networking and professional groups rather than many of the campaign organizations opposed to nuclear.
It has also been a delicate issue in politics but is growing in the public’s eye due to recent announcements of growth in the American nuclear industry by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address.


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