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The Role Of Environment To The Personality Development

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The Five Issues Adolescences Face 1
The five most important issues that adolescents face are: aggression, maltreatment, maturity judgment, pubertal development, and psychological adjustment. As I observed Mrs. Hourigan’s class at the Courtyard, I was surprised by how heavily students are influenced by peer pressure. Peer pressure seems to have incredible impact on the way students think and behave, and so it heavily influences the way students deal with the issues facing them. As I conducted my research on articles, I wanted to find more in depth research on other internal issues that these students might encounter throughout their growing process and that contribute to peer ...view middle of the document...

Hourigan’s can imply that hormones can affect aggression but not cause it. Other factors such as maltreatment,

The Five Issues Adolescences Face 2
maturity judgment, pubertal development and psychological adjustment can also contribute to an adolescent’s aggression.
Ireland, Smith, and Thornberry (2005) studied the impact of adolescent maltreatment on antisocial behavior. Ireland et al. (2005) found maltreatment affects people from early life to adulthood. The study also found neglect being consistently linked to short-term and long-term behavior. This can be explain why some adolescents in Mrs. Hourigan’s have short-term antisocial behavior while others have long-term which is probably linked to adolescent maltreatment. Also, maltreatment can be an issue as to why some adolescences are very hostile towards authority since they are been neglected at home; there is a lack of authority figure to impose rules. The study’s outcomes can increase the odds of an adolescent running the risk of arrest, general offending, and violent offending in late adolescent (Ireland, Smith, and Thornberry, 2005). The categories that the study defines as antisocial behaviors are the same behavioral patterns that are often encouraged by the older adolescent who are involved in gangs s at the Courtyard CDS. Based on my interactions in Mrs. Hourigan’s class the more rebellious and so called “thuggish” the student gains more respect and fear him/her from classmates which can be a form for the student to hide maltreatment. In complicated cases in where the student is dealing with maltreatment and neglect at home they more likely to engage in long-term antisocial behaviors without receiving any type of professional help. Furthermore, the antisocial behaviors of these adolescents can possibly encourage other classmates to mimic similar behavioral attitudes and give the impression that such behavior is due to the adolescent age rather than maltreatment.
The Five Issues Adolescences Face 3
The law considers adolescences mature when they are eighteen, but maturity judgment can be developed either before or after the teenager reaches their eighteen birthday. Maturity judgment is another issue that adolescences face especially if they are at-risk. A majority of adolescences have difficulty with maturity judgment because they tend to make decisions based on outcomes that will benefit and boost their ego rather than consider how their decisions will impact others. Cauffman and Steinberg (1996) address two issues that deal with adolescent immaturity: cognitive differences between adolescents and adults, and psychosocial differences (p. 250). They found that there are psychosocial characteristics that are more likely to influence maturity judgment in early adolescents rather than late adolescents. Such is true in for early adolescents, based on my interactions students who constantly have a strong parental figure that encourages them in school enable the...

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