The Role Of A Manager In A Workplace

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“Running head:” MANAGERS ROLE 1

The Role of a Manager in the workplace

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“Running head: MANAGERS ROLE 2

The role of a manager plays a very important part in any organization. Every company or organization has a manager who is responsible to control and administer the employees. If a company does not have a manager it would cause a lot of chaos and headaches for everyone. Managers have a lot of responsibilities in an organization. They must ...view middle of the document...

Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are used every day by managers on a daily basis. When a manager is hired to work for a company they must be able to perform the basic functions. You can find management in every organization in the world. There are different types of businesses that determines what kind of manager they need. There are different needs for different organizations. Just like with everything there are different levels of management.” The practice of management is largely an art because a good manager requires vision, knowledge of the theory of management, and successful communication skills. But even these provide no guarantee that he will be able to apply them satisfactorly.”(Robbins, 1984)
It does not matter what function or role there is in the organization, mostly all managers use the same fundamental functions to make sure that their business is successful and is effective. The theory behind management is for the managers to be able to assist employees in meeting the company’s goals. The manager must work with the employees to help them work to best of their ability and also show them stability. Most all managers work very long hours and have to be capable of handling many different situations, and problems that might arise throughout the day. A lot of managers have to dedicate their lives to their job. They have work a lot and really do not have time for a personal life.

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“Study after study has shown that managers work at an unrelenting pace, that their activities are characterized by brevity, variety, and discontinuity, and that they are strongly oriented to action and dislike reflective activity.” (Fayol, 2002) Managers have very important roles within their organization and help tremendously impact what the future of the company might be.
There are many things that a manager needs to help him be successful. First off managers have a lot of responsibilities. They are responsible for supervising and making sure that the organization is running smoothly. A manager does have a lot on his plate. There are many responsibilities and duties that a manager has do in an organization. One main duty managers have is to delegate work to his employees. That is what managers are for; so they can tell their employees what to do. In Webster’s Dictionary delegation is defined as “The act of a person designated to act for or represent another or others” Delegation is also defined as “The assignment of new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate.” (Snell, 2004)
The manager also has to make sure that his employees are working towards being able to meet goals that the organization has. One of the manager’s goal is to understand what it is that needs to be accomplished. Some of the manager’s duties also include “hiring the right people for the job, inspire employees so that each person contributes to the...

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