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The Role And Function Of Law

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The Role and Functions of Law
Dr. William Anderson


My student smiled nervously over her order pad as she waited for my table to finish ordering. She was a nice young girl whom I had been teaching for a few months through a university that provided student visas to people who were pursuing studies in English-as-a-second-language. Part of the requirement, however, was that students only work for the school itself and not obtain jobs outside their academic institution. The next day she came into the class as usual and though I taught her the rest of the semester, we never discussed her secret work life. I knew better than to say anything. One ...view middle of the document...

The power also extends to the articles being moved within state commerce. In other words, Congress has the power to control and oversee commercial activity so long as it has a substantial economic effect. (Melvin, 2011) For example, whistleblower laws are in place so that a company can't fire a whistleblower. In the case of Gonalez vs. Raich, Congress exercised its power by pre-empting California laws that had legalized marijuana. This was because it was determined that there was a possibility that the cash crop could have been drawn into the interstate market.

The Law in Daily Life: Civil Rights Legislation

In 1964, the Civil Rights Act Congress ordered all places of business to not discriminate against African-Americans. However, the seeming unenforceability of the act was confounded when the Commerce Clause was involved. In the case of The Heart of Atlanta Motel vs. U.S., the Commerce Clause was used under the rationale
That since the motel received its business from interstate tours that it could be compelled to obey anti-discrimination laws. In a similar case (Katzenbach v. McClung Food) a food purveyor was seen to be beholden to the Commerce Clause since it had purchased food from out of state vendor. It was also compelled to obey the Civil Rights Act even though the restaurant did not obtain business from interstate tourism. (Melvin, 2011)

The Law and F-1 Student Visas in the Language Tourism Industry

I have been working as an English teacher for over twenty years at private...

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