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The Road To Omnichannel Essay

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The road to Omnichannel

Today's consumers are 24/7 connected, moving along different channels through multiple devices. While surfing on the internet they expect retailers to pay attention to their specific needs and emotions based on their current actions, location and historic behavior. To be relevant, retailers need to recognize them everywhere and create a seamless experience. They have to create a singular presentation across all touch points in the customer journey (CMO, 2013). "Every part of the business must Think Customer". (Welfare, 2011, p. 91)
An omnichannel approach offers a solution; it takes a deep look at customers and helps retailers understand how they naturally ...view middle of the document...

The new media touchpoints like social networks, blogs, videos and communities are becoming an integral part of the customer journey (Cisco, 2010). In a factual point of view; Bill Toney, Senior Vice President of Omnichannel Solution, says that 84% of the consumers prefer a combination of in-store and online purchases, 63% prefer to buy online but with the option to return in store, and 43% prefer to buy online and pickup in store (Multichannelmerchant, 2013).

When talking about a customer journey, there comes an objection of many outsiders. They say a customer journey doesn't have a clear route from A to B, simply because a customer doesn't immediately know where he is going. His journey has no clear beginning and certainly no defined end.
I think it doesn't matter that an omnichannel is not linear; the fingerprints that customers are leaving on many touchpoints are worth much more. They offer retailers the opportunity to listen and better understand consumer needs.

The key for retailers is to make a truly integrated digital and physical consumer experience where the customer can choose any channel he wants to use to touch the brand. It would be ideally if a customer can browse a product on their mobile, adding it into their basket from their tablet, doing the checkout process from their laptop and going in the store to pick-up the item. I believe when retailers have this customer centric marketing philosophy, they're ready for the future.

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