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The Ritz Carlton Case Essay

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Introduction For the opening of The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Washington D.C. the company once again aims to achieve an excellent standard of service quality. Their excellent service is one of the main strengths and the company highly values its employees, recognizing them as one of their most important resources. The following paper will provide a thorough analysis of the case using theories that could help the Ritz-Carlton deciding on how to achieve their usual standard. Best-fit elements in Ritz-Carlton Every company has its own environment, its context in which to try and make operations as successful and rewarding as possible. Different countries, sectors, systems and ...view middle of the document...

It is a very strict process, searching for the highest quality of human resources concerning talent and motivation, while simultaneously searching for people that seem to fit the company’s culture. Speaking of best-fit practices, aligning the strategy towards becoming an excellent service provider with HR practices, they are showing that similar behavior works in both directions. While in the recruitment

phase, they treat applicants following the standards at Ritz-Carlton, considering them as potential guests. Management shows respects and gratitude during the recruitment process and is building relationships with its employees – as they try to do with guests – through pre-employment callbacks. What they create is an attitude according to the motto ‘what you give is what you will get in return’ by respecting employees, treating them very well, asking them for feedback, providing them with career advancement options and showing recognition for their work by giving rewards. In other words, the company treats them like ladies and gentlemen while they are expected to act like ladies and gentlemen towards guests at the same time, following the motto ‘We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen’ (Sucher & Mcmanus, 2005, p.12). Work motivation As mentioned above, the Ritz-Carlton president and COO, Schulze, wants the RitzCarlton to focus on total quality management (TQM) while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of human resources (Sucher & Mcmanus, 2005, p. 5). This presents a challenging issue, since TQM usually hinders the process of how to motivate employees which is the main focus of human resources. The main focus of the Ritz-Carlton when discussing the topic human resources is the purpose their employees need to have when doing their job. “An employee is a human being who doesn’t only fulfill a function but should also have a purpose” (Sucher & Mcmanus, 2005, p. 5). When having a purpose, people are more likely to enjoy their work and know why they are doing their job. Therefore, The Ritz-Carlton wants to recruit employees based on their brains, hearts and souls (Sucher&Mcmanus, 2005, p. 6). In the self-determination theory this is called intrinsic motivation (Grant & Shin, 2011). Intrinsic motivation is ‘a desire to act based on interest and enjoyment on the work itself’ (Grant & Shin, 2011, p. 16). When employees are fulfilled in three psychological needs (autonomy, competence and relatedness), they are more likely to be intrinsically motivated and internalize external goals and objectives (Grant & Shin, 2011). This purpose is created in different ways. In the orientation phase and the first day of the Seven Day Countdown the first exercise is to teach the core values of RitzCarlton. The main opinion is that you can only change people in the first phase of the orientation process because then they are still open-minded and sensitive for changes.



By focusing on the values they hope that...

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