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The Rise Of Chrisianity Inth Roman Empire

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Christianity, a very wide practiced religion, originated about 2000 years ago in Judea, which is now commonly known as Israel. Jesus Christ and his trusting disciples first practiced and introduced the religion to the population. “Jesus first began preaching in Israel during the time of Augustus, trying hard to purify the Jewish religion to establish the kingdom of God on Earth” (Stark, 1996). During the emergence of Christianity, the emperor of Rome was ruler of Judea. The Jewish population was not happy being under Roman rule because they felt as though it represented a historical oppression. During the beginning stages of Christianity, “the religion focused on cleansing the Jewish ...view middle of the document...

“Paul created Christian theology as a set of intellectual principles that followed from, but generalized, the message of Jesus” (Gonzalez, 1984). Although Jesus had many followers of women, Paul incorporated women into the religion of Christianity and how they are discriminated against to men and how sexuality would further lead to dangers. Paul continuously aimed to have Christianity become a universal religion, where other beliefs were no longer valid, and where Greek language was a prominent form of language for the religion.
Over the next 250 years, Christianity gradually increased its number of converts. “By the 4th century A.D., about 10 percent of the residents of the Roman Empire were Christian, and the new religion had also made converts elsewhere in the Middle East and Ethiopia” (Gonzalez, 1984). The rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire was a huge impact for the population of the Roman Empire, which led to some future success of the empire. Although the initial spread of the religion was a difficult task, it eventually succeeded and its followers were no longer discriminated against and persecuted/harmed. “The rise of Christianity put an end to the classical age of Europe due to the Romans fast spread and increase in the religion” (Gonzalez, 1984). In essence, the Roman Empire was the center for the development and popularity of the Christianity religion.
Christianity in the Roman Empire had great success primarily because it appealed more or less to the poor people of the empire, which generally made up a huge portion of the population. The poor people were pleased with Christianity rather than the Roman religion they once followed because they did not have to be wealthy in order to be committed to the religion. In the Roman religion, it was custom to sacrifice animals and food where to the wealthy was a simple task. For the poor people of the population, however, the action of sacrificing animals and food was a hard task because they typically did not have much to live off on. Christianity on the other hand did not require its followers to sacrifice any form of food or animals. Poor people also favored Christianity because they felt as though they had an instant connection to God and can talk to him when they pleased. In Christianity, going to a priest or priestess was unnecessary and they did not have to spend the little money they possessed to be able to affiliate themselves to God.
Because Christianity appealed more to the poor people of the empire, it was risk to gain social criticism. Christianity began to be a religion where those who needed cultural and spiritual support could confide in where in the Roman religion were not as important. Christianity practices allowed its followers to feel as though they were part of a community where as the Roman religion favored political goals and ethics for their future. The Roman religion did not unify its members in the sense that they felt spiritually and emotionally...

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