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The Rise Of Bangladesh Textile Trade

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MBA 727
Bangladesh – Case 3
Kimberly Huff

Description of Company
Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with its people crammed into a delta of rivers that empties in the Bay of Bengal (BBC News Asia, 2013). In the country of Bangladesh poverty is a well known issue and research states that almost fifty percent of the population lives on less than one dollar a day (BBC News Asia, 2013). Agriculture is the country major source for employment. However, jobs are still limited and many Bangladeshis seek work in other countries, which is sometimes illegal (BBC News Asia, 2013). The country has made progress in areas of education, health and reduction in ...view middle of the document...

Some of the precautions the company took were; regular fire drills, sufficient exit routes, and mandatory fire safety training to all levels of factory management ("Fire safety in," 2013). If any of these criteria were not met the consequences would be termination of the Wal-Mart relationship. Overall, the goal is to help the country grow economically under safe and healthy working condition as well as protect the image of Wal-Mart.
Constraints of the Problem
One of the main constraints of the problem was labor issue in Bangladesh’s with the government and people. Based on further research in order to improve the labor rights and conditions there were three key reforms;
1. Guarantee workers’ right to organize
2. Guarantee fire safety
3. Ensure structural soundness of factories and other facilities (Blake, 2013).
Relevant Alternatives
In order to improve labor rights and workplace safety one alternative is a push to make transformative and sustainable improvements in workers’ rights and working conditions. Second, would be more registrations for labor union and the execution of amendments to the labor law that address and incorporate worker safety rules and freedom of association (Blake, 2013). If these changes are implemented it will afford the International Finance Corporation to start a “better work” program for the garment industry in Bangladesh (Blake, 2013).
Best Alternative
The best alternative practice is to continue to promote establishment of...

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