The Rise And Fall Of Adolf Hitler

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The Rise and Fall of Adolf HitlerHitler's Early LifeAdolf Hitler was the fourth child of Alios Schickelgruber and Klara Hitler. He was born on the April 20th of 1889 in an Austrian town named Braunau. His father, Alois was a customs official and wanted Hitler to be a civil servant. Alois was a strict father and would regularly beat Adolf up if he didn't do as he was told. But this was not unusual during this time period. His mother, Klara was the third wife of Alois and twenty-three years younger. She loved her children a lot and this affected Hitler a lot throughout his life.When Adolf was five years old, a younger brother was born, named Edmond. Two years later a sister was born named ...view middle of the document...

With the money he moved to Vienna and pursued to be an artist. He applied to the Vienna Academy of Art and Vienna School of Architecture, but was rejected by both because he didn't have a secondary school degree. He was too shamed to tell her mother so Hitler just decided to stay in Vienna.On December 21, 1907 Klara Hitler died from Breast Cancer. Her death saddened young Adolf Hitler a lot.Living off his father's civil pension and an orphan's pension he roamed around Vienna for six years visiting museums and selling sketches of buildings on the streets. By now he was penniless, sleeping on streets and in bars. It was during this period he developed his prejudice against Jewish people.In 1909, Hitler was called upon for military service. Despising Austria, he evaded military service. The government finally found him in May 1913 but rejected him from the military because he was "Unfit for combatant and auxiliary duty - too weak. Unable to bear arms."Hitler's World War I ServiceWhen the news of the outbreak of the war, Hitler signed up for the German army immediately. In less then two months, Hitler's regiment was ready to go into battle. Hitler was a dispatch runner for his regiment and often volunteered for dangerous missions. He escaped death several times.A mustard gas attack in Belgium ended Hitler's WWI service by temporarily blinding him. By the end of the war he was awarded with five medals, including the Iron Cross and made the rank of Lance Corporal.How Hitler came to powerAfter the war, the German Worker's Party, a military intelligence unit recruited Hitler. He was assigned to keep tabs for the party. He advertised the party's meetings in anti-Semitic newspapers and focused his speeches on hatred of Jews.When the opposition party, the Barvarian's defeated the National Socialist German Worker's Party accusing it of being too far left, Hitler declared a revolution by holding a rally at the Munich beer hall. The next day he led 3000 men through Munich only to be met by police fire. About 21 men died during the dispute. Hitler was the first to the ground dislocating his shoulder while doing so. It would later be told that he left early because he had to rush a young boy to a hospital because he was injured.Few days later, Hitler was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison, but only served for nine months. During this period he read a lot of books and wrote his own book, the "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle).At first the book was only focused on Hitler's life but then evolved into his political ideas. The "Mein Kampf" was very inaccurate and was used to promote his image and the Nazi party through the means of propaganda. The book was so popular that it sold over 5 million copies by 1939 and translated into eleven languages.When Hitler was released, he realized that using brute force would...

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