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The Riot Club Essay

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The Riot Club Essay - September 2015
We see tendencies of a divide in social classes everywhere in the world. However, it is very interesting that this divide in social classes plays such a big role in one of the most globalized and industrialized nations in the world. Today, children from the wealthiest families gather up in the best elementary schools, high schools and universities in which they get provided the best teachers and the best education as possible. This tendency leaves nothing for the people in the lower classes. The film The Riot Club from 2014 describes these differences very well. It is about Alistair Ryle and Miles Brown, two students at the Oxford ...view middle of the document...

The Bullingdon Club is by the way a closed society at the university, which is similar to the Riot Club in the film. The wealthy conditions are by the way very obvious, as the members of the club throw away keys to very expensive cars or offer Miles' girlfriend Lauren a large amount of money to do "jobs" under the table for instance.
Nevertheless, the club and also the persons’ wealth are very interesting factors to analyze when we talk about the main characters in the film. Early in the film we get to know Miles Richards and Alistair Ryle, which are the two main characters in the film. In addition, they are also our antagonist and protagonist. They both become members of the riot club, which means they got invited into a closed society at the university. A tradition in this club is that only the best students should be allowed to join the club, which means they only choose students with background from specific high schools. So you need to be very rich as for instance the Greek guy from the club or do something extraordinary to proof that you are a legend. Miles Richards is one of the main persons in this film. He is the so-called Mr. Nice-guy and at the same time he appears to be our protagonist. He seems to come from a wealthy family. The first thing that reveals this point is his name. Miles is in particular known as one of the finer names in Great Britain, and therefore we may admit that he has a wealthy background. His wealth is also obvious because he went to Westminster High School. This school is in addition on the list of acceptable schools, when you are going to join the riot club. In comparison to Alistair Ryle, Miles do not hate the lower classes. He is a lot more tolerant. He also gets a relationship to Lauren. She has working class background and went to Bristol High School. Bristol does not appear on the list of acceptable school. It is quite obvious that she is the least wealthy person within the students. Therefore it is interesting to analyze Miles relationship to Lauren, when we know Miles as the good guy in the film. However, when we have a good guy we also need an antagonist. In this case we are dealing with Alistair Ryle. He appears as the complete contrast to Miles. He is intolerant, especially when we talk about people from the lower classes. He actually hates them. Alistair also has an important background. His big brother is former chairman of the riot club and known as one of the biggest legends of all time. This may also be one of the main reasons why Alistair was accessed the club. We know that Miles is not violent and tried to avoid the accident, but Alistair was actually the one who caused the beat-up in the restaurant. In the end he is the one who got the largest punishment,...

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