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The Right Thing To Do Essay

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The objective of this assignment is to prove that diversity in the workplace is the right thing to do and it is imperative for the organizations to embrace it. Six papers aligned with this concept were added to give justification for the analysis

From a legal standpoint, companies are illegal to discriminate against someone (applicant or employee) because of that person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information, (Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices). Faurecia, for example, clearly specifies on its code of ethics that in its recruitment actions and career management everybody should receive ...view middle of the document...

c) Language skills are obvious gained by a diverse group. It is not uncommon to have to translate specifications, requirements and several documents, but sometimes things get lost in translation and having a native speaker can make a big difference properly translating a document.
d) Greater representation in the creation of new products is also a positive factor when diversity is assumed. Since new products are created to meet people’s needs a diverse workplace will have a broader range of inputs in the development of new product.
e) Avoids groupthink. Since groupthink is a undesirable behavior within the organization, different cultures will have a broader sense of opinions minimizing this fact when they express their opinion
f) Better talents are attracted when the company is open for diversity. This is true because not necessarily a position can be filled with the local graduates from the country. Bringing people from other countries or backgrounds can actually improve the intellectual pool of resources in the workforce.

Papers supporting my opinion
Six papers were researched in order to support my opinion that diversity improves the workplace environment. They are listed below:
Article 1, (Causon, 2008), points out the challenges of bring diversity into workplace but is recognizes that it creates innovation with the culture it brings in.
Article 2, (Scott, Heathcote, & Gruman, Nov/Dec2011), the authors describe that most successful companies that consider diversity in all areas...

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