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The Right Choice Essay

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Case Study Analysis
Marco Walker
March 08, 2010
The purpose of this report is to analytically investigate the performance of ABC, Inc and disseminate ways that can be implemented that would effectively eradicate company error and organize departmental processing procedures.
The job description of the campus recruiter is to effectively bring in new hires into the company. The problem that was faced once individuals were recruited was the gap in time between hiring the individual and processing procedures. This ultimately caused a delay in the orientation time which delayedthe actual dates of hire. All of these problems occurredbecause of new hire ...view middle of the document...

Mass communication channels such as email and mass copy distribution should be utilized as a means to quickly disseminateinformation. Placing time restraints on response times for correspondences or messages, and placing proper notification mechanisms regarding absenteeism and return on recorded devices (i.e. voicemails and e-mail) would significantly improve employee efficiency.
Establish a clear list of roles and responsibilities - Delegation of tasks to individuals competent in the areas while either absent or if knowledgablyunder trained will also improve areas of communication by acknowledging strengths and weaknesses within the company workforce. Areas of assignment should be clearly defined so that everyone knows what they are responsible for accomplishing, and in order to establish a baseline for disciplinary action should something of this caliber need occur. In this incident with the new hire orientation, arrangements were to be made with pre-hire procedures; however the ball was dropped with to whom the responsibility belonged.
Under-supervision or no-supervision of new employee - Whether or not training was accomplished effectively would have been an easy question to answer if clear cut supervisory procedures were in place. The recruiter has only been at this position for six months and while he was highly effective in selling the position and bringing in the new hires, he was not knowledgeable about his additional duties. This was his very first orientation and although the recruited had been contacted regarding the various entities within the orientation such as scheduling and manuals, she did not follow through to ensure that he had indeed completed the required tasking. Monica, however, is not titled as his immediate supervisor, in fact, there is not one appointed directly to his individual training. He is left to coordinate the details alone and when it all falls apart there is no one there to help him regroup or tell him how to correct the situation. Appropriate supervision, proper management of training for the recruiter as well, as follow-up by both the recruiter and supervisor would have prevented much of the scheduling and communication mix-up.
Establish new-employee support networks and/or regular meetings - Institution of a new hire forum or question and answer sessions strictly for new personnel (those preferably under one year of employment) wouldallow new hires to have an arena in which they could come once a week or so and ask questions, receive instruction, or clarify issues that they would have within there work stature. They could involve supervisors, human resources, and other new hire personnel to compare procedure, inquire about unclear areas in policy, compare ways to accomplish tasks differently from other employees, and receive job performance feedback. This would serve a supportive role for the employee and provide some insight into common errors among new hires and corrective procedures could be...

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