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The Right Age To Have A Beer

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In 1984, by the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, the drinking age that was originally 18 years of age turned to 21. Ever since then millions of complaints, arguments, and legal cases have occurred from this. I myself also agree that the United States would be better off with a lower drinking age because it teaches greater responsibility among teenagers, it allows men and women who work overseas in the army to be able to have a beer when they get home, and at 18 your considered an adult and gain the right to vote, so why wouldn’t you be able to have a beer.
Many arguments that are for the drinking age of 21 state that one of the main reasons why the drinking age hasn’t lowered is because ...view middle of the document...

Education levels shouldn’t make a difference and just being 3 years older shouldn’t make a difference either. When your drunk, your drunk and many people act and perform the same way when they are intoxicated( Coors Light.)
I do believe that hard liquor is a dangerous substance no matter what age you are. Some states are trying to lower the drinking age for consumption and buying of beer, but not at all for vodka, whiskey, and other types of “hard” liquor. I actually agree with this decision because some people when they drink liquor can’t fully grasp how much more potent and stronger it is than beer and that you must drink a lot less of it than beer. Also, they’re more alcohol related deaths of people who drink liquor over people who drink beer, not including deaths related to drunk driving. Also if the buying and drinking age of beer was lowered to 18, than some men and women who fight for our country overseas can sit down when they get home and have a beer or two.
At the age of 18, you must apply for the draft in the army. Thousands of men and women who work in our military are in between the ages of 18 and 21. To tell a person who risks their life to fight for citizens back at home that he or she can’t even have a beer is ridiculous. If your old enough to fight for your country, than you should be old enough to drink. Many countries in Europe have a drinking age of 16 or 18 and they don’t even have problems with teens causing harm. Most of their soldiers in their military can come home and drink while the United States, the most powerful military in the world can’t at all. Some states have worked their way around the law and have allowed drinking at home under adult supervision.
One of the biggest counter arguments and cons of lowering the drinking age is the higher risk of fatality driving of teenagers. With a lower drinking age, you will see more and more alcohol related deaths from driving by teens. Raising the alcohol age level has somewhat saved the lives of people between the ages of 18 to 20 by as much as 13% or about 22 thousand lives and lowering it could completely destroy those numbers. And another con is that since most teens are undergoing pressure in homes, education, and by social factors such as peer pressure and wanting to fit in, teens will more likely than not become abusive with alcohol and lowering the age could worsen it even more. This would cause more alcoholics to come into place and compared to other countries in Europe that have drinking ages of 15, 16, 17, and 18, American teens drive at a younger age and therefore creating a higher risk of DUI’s, DWI’s, and even death. This could become a factor in splitting up families as well due to drinking (ProCons).
In the United States at the age of eighteen you can vote, be charged as an adult, smoke, and drive. So if your now considered an adult legally, than why can’t you actually be an adult and be responsible and have a beer. If you can decide who is...

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