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The Revolution In Claude Mckay’s America And Bob Dylan’s Time They Are A Changing

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The Revolution in Claude McKay’s America and Bob Dylan’s Time They are a-changing
Powerless people suffered pain and distress, lives of the innocents were taken, and bloods were shared, all in the name of selfish leader. However, people have suffered physically and emotionally, but they never lost hope that their country will someday become a better place. Moreover, although, it may be painful, sorrowful, and deadly, people join their faiths and fought for the people’s right. The poem “America” by Claude McKay and the poem “Times they are a-changing” by Bob Dylan are alike in their use of symbolism, imagery, and theme.
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Another example is, “There is a battle outside and it is raging” (verse 3, line 29-30), meaning, there is war in the stat, and that same war is rising, which symbolizes, that as long as there is war, there will always be pain and sorrow. However, that is the only way people may be able to obtain their rights. In other word, Dylan used such statement in his song to motivate people.
McKay and Dylan implied similar imagery, in the sense of revealing the truth that occurred in both poem “America” by Claude McKay and song “Times they are a-changin’” by Bob Dylan. In McKay’s “America”, imagery is employed in (1 stanza, line 1), “bread of bitterness” which signifies McKay’s character as the person who doesn’t have a say in his own country. An example of imagery is the deception of the character’s country toward the character “Stealing my breath” (stanza 1, line 3). Moreover, the predicament of distress is also applied in the song “Times they are a-changing”. An example is the illustration of how one must take action, before it may turn out to be too late, “Shake your windows and rattle you walls” (stanza, line31-32). Another example is, “Unyielding leaders”, which describes the kind of leader the characters have in Dylan’s song. The descriptions those leaders, illustrates them to be selfish, and careless about their nation.
The theme in both, McKay’s Poem and Dylan’s song illustrates how people embraced the strength to fight. People fought for what they strongly believe is...

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