The Results Of Sin On The Unredeemed

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The unredeemed of humanity has jumped on a run-away freight train careening down a slithering track, winding around corners at breakneck speed, and it happens to be hurdling towards a 100’ thick brick wall. This train has no brakes, the engineer just died, and the passengers have a short time to live. However, hope abounds – someone can save them. Salvation reaches out to them, expressing love and compassion and exposing its power so save any of them would have just reach out. However, they must reach out in faith, and accept the salvation freely offered, but will they do it. They know there can be no other way of escaping their eventual death. The Savior knows the emanate danger and ...view middle of the document...

We see in 1Revelation 16:10-11 that even after humanity sees the end times tribulation and has suffered great curses and torment, they still will not repent. Sin has a hold on their eternal souls and it becomes so deep-seated they would rather succumb to eternal torture and death that repent and accept salvation. This notion becomes inconceivable to the rational mind. Actually, we see in 2Matthew 25:32 that after Jesus returns to complete His one thousand year reign on earth, sin will still exist. Jesus will separate the sinners doomed for Hell, from His redeemed believers born during the Millennial Reign.
We should identify sin before we move on. Most religious and academic scholars have determined to view sin in one of few ways. First, you can sin by falling short of your abilities or not applying yourself correctly to perform at your best; also by not obtaining perfection in utilizing the gifts bestowed on us by the Creator. Second, disobedience to the will of God, divine law or covenant constitutes a sin. We know that all humans 3sin, except for the Messiah - Jesus of Nazareth. Therefore, we can reason that sin remains ubiquitous, and that mere mortals cannot overcome it. God happens to be the single individual who can conquer sin and its ravages.

What are the results of sin on an unredeemed human being? First, the unredeemed have no hope for the future. Their tomorrows seem confused to them, because all they have happens to be the here and now. The unredeemed can view their tomorrows solely by contrasting them to their yesterdays. A Christian looks at the rest of their future through the prism of God's word; they can see all of redemptive history stretching out before them. The unredeemed live to have fun in the moment or they labor to earn money that would allow them to have fun later. They do not have the luxury of salvation through knowing Jesus Christ. They believe that when their time is up they simply expire and never wake up.
Next, the unredeemed become slaves to their sin, as do all men. Slavery to sin directly relates to how well the individual makes decisions. Will they lead their lives in the pursuit of satisfying your carnal yearnings that include lusts of the flesh, lusts of the heart and the pride of life or follow their Creator? The difference between the redeemed and the unredeemed, concerning their slavery to sin happens to be that the Lord Jesus will set the redeemed free from their slavery. Jesus tells us in 4John 8:34-36 that any man who commits a sin becomes a slave to it. He goes on, in the same passage, that sin will not remain, but He will remain; and He says 4 “if the Son sets you free you, will be free indeed.” Jesus provides freedom through salvation born from his shed blood.
Next, sin separates the unredeemed man from his Creator. This mandate would also apply to redeemed man, but the aforementioned separation from God will only exist until the redeemed man repents of their sin...

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