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The Responsible Parties For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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The death of Romeo and Juliet is caused by a multitude of different people and aspects. Many people could be held responsible for their deaths, even if they didn’t cause them to die intentionally. From among them one person stands out from all the rest, Mercutio. There are also a few aspects that can be held responsible, including Timing and the Feud between the two households “both alike in dignity”. There is also the possibility that Romeo and Juliet themselves caused their own downfall. Some of these reasons are more important than others, some which could have changed the fates of noble Romeo and beautiful Juliet.

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While men die on both sides, love is born “from forth the fatal loins of these two foes.”(Prologue) The love between Romeo and Juliet spells doom as the family members from both sides will never accept this, and will try end it with all their might to stop this unnatural occurrence from happening were they to ever know of it. The Feud not only causes problems between the two families but it also cases unrest and violence to run through the streets of Verona.

Another aspect that can be said to be as important if not more important, is timing, the characters who live in Verona appear at the wrong times that don’t benefit them, quite the opposite actually. If Romeo weren’t there when Mercutio was killed, would he have had to challenge Tybalt? Did Juliet stop dancing in the straight line of sight of Romeo, would they have met? These two are mere examples that have changed the course of the play, for example had Friar John not had any other calls on that day, he would have managed to give the letter straight to Romeo, instead of letting Balthasar giving Romeo false information. For all of these reasons, time is an...

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