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The Research Of Human Genome Project

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The research of Human Genome project
The completion of Human Genome Project took 13 years in total; it started in October 1990 and finished in 2003. This project has a controversial start, because many people didn’t believe that the technology they have is advance enough to sequence the human DNA, not even a bacterium. However, the project is successful and it ended 2 years earlier than it was planed to. The first accomplishment is the rough draft of the human genome; it was completed in 2000, in February of the next year, the working draft is done,

The HGP has many purposes, it includes:
• Identify all the genes in human DNA, which is around 20,000-25,000.
• Find out the ...view middle of the document...

In the application for Forensic Identification, the technology is used to identify criminal of a crime. If a segment of hair, blood, or skin is found at the crime scene, the examiner will look at some spots of its DNA and compare it to the suspects’ DNA to find out the real criminal. Some sites on the human DNA have patterns that vary greatly from person to person, these are the loci. They are the places where will be examined. Data of 13 of the loci are collected, because each of them are very different from person to person, it is almost impossible to have two people who have the same data for all the 13 loci, so the right person responsible for the crime can be found.

The impact of HGP on the world
the most important impact of the HGP is it brought changes to the medical field. Now scientists have got more information about the human genome, so they can solve many problems relating to gene. Some genetic disorders can be early detected if the patient’s genome is carefully studied. Gene therapy can cure the diseases caused by genetic problems. Other things such as the development of Pharmacogenomics also helped many people to live a better life.
But the HGP also may has some potential threat to our society. The first one is if everyone’s sequenced, some of them may be unable to get a job or insurance because their genome show that they are more likely to get some detrimental diease. Some people have a concern that if one day the human genome are fully studied and understood, parents may have the choice to “design” the genome of their children, so they can have an ideal children, and that must bring many trouble to the world. The most horrible concern is the finding...

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