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The Research Instruments Essay

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Sports and Recreation Management


• Intangibility
Tourism products are services and, as such, they are largely intangible though with tangible, concrete elements. The importance of the abstract elements is such that we must make them tangible in order to apply marketing techniques to the services we provide. A direct consequence of intangibility is that the properties of tourism products cannot be transmitted, displayed or tested in advance. It is their use what is transmitted. This implies that the purchased product is unique and, in contrast to tangible products, tourism products are fundamentally experiences. Besides, intangibility ...view middle of the document...

In this sense, we can talk about “heterogeneous standardization”. It is not only the product what is being customized but a given trip will be different from any other even if they share the same characteristics.

• Simultaneity of production and consumption
While other products are created, stored, purchased and then used, tourism products are purchased first and then produced and consumed simultaneously, at the same place and time. This implies that services cannot be separated from their providers and, therefore, consumers have to travel to the location of the product, not vice versa. For this reason, the human component in the provision of services is extremely important.

• Loyalty
The best way to build customer loyalty in the tourism and hospitality industry is to provide good customer service. Customers who are treated with respect and feel important will return. If you are running a hotel chain they will most likely seek out your hotel in other cities they visit. Perhaps they will even come back regularly to utilize your services.

• Growth
Customers who receive good customer service at hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions will tell other people about their experiences. It is then likely that others will come, expecting good customer service. If they enjoy their visit they will probably tell their friends and family, and ultimately your business can begin to boom.

• Reputation
Poor customer service will give restaurants, hotels and other tourism and hospitality businesses a bad reputation. People will opt to choose other hotels because they are afraid of having a bad trip. Just one poor review can be bad for your business in the tourism industry.

• Sales
The happier customers are the more likely they are to spend more money at your establishment. If they are given extra little perks, like a 15 minute massage for free, they are likely to come back the next day for another massage or may pay for other services. If the hotel staff is friendly they may visit the hotel bar or restaurant because they know they will receive good customer service there as well.

• Rating
Part of a hotel or restaurant's star rating is customer service. An establishment with a five-star rating is expected to have the best customer service, and not only because it is expensive to visit or stay there. A one-star hotel is likely to have less customer service and amenities, this is all implied with a rating system.

2.) Excellent customer service is vitally important in the hospitality industry. It’s the first point of contact, between for example, the hotel guest and the representative of the hotel. It is the first opportunity an establishment gets to impress and create a lasting great impression.

3.) The hospitality industry is part of a larger enterprise known as the travel and tourism industry. This industry is a vast group business with one goal in common: that is to provide necessary or desired products...

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