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The Rental Heart Essay

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Analysis of ”The Rental Heart”
The Rental Heart is a story about heartbreak and having to cope with it afterwards. In this story however, it is possible to return the shattered heart and replace it with a new one. In a sense, you avoid the heartbreak and move on without the emotional scarring you endure from getting your heart broken.
The story is set in a utopian world where it is possible to rent a mechanical heart thus not having to deal with any real emotions, particularly heartbreak. Starting with a four-year-old relationship ending and a corporeal heart shattered, we follow the love life of the narrator over many years until he/she finally, several rental hearts later, finds someone ...view middle of the document...

Today we are able to transplant organs from one human being into another, including the heart. Elements of this technology are combined with the possibility of renting a mechanical heart and replacing it repeatedly in the future, also introducing the human element of heartbreak. This combination is what makes the short story a science fiction. Choosing the heart to represent the place where heartbreak takes place is understandable, because we use the heart as a symbol of love; we say things like, “I love you with all my heart” or “you broke my heart”. It has become a dead metaphor to use the heart as a symbol of love and heartbreak, which in fact enables Kirsty Logan to write the story.
The narrator of the story is left by her/his first love, Jacob, after only a few months together. Her/his heart shatters to a million pieces leaving her/him unable to love someone wholeheartedly ever again. A year later, the narrator meets Anna, who introduces her/him to the heart rental world and she/he fits her/his first rental heart, enabling the narrator to love again. After every failed relationship, the narrator goes to the heart rental store and replaces the old heart with a new one. It is simply unbearable for the narrator to even have one shred of memory left of a former lover. At one point he/she causes someone else’s heartbreak forcing the narrator to remember how it felt having his/her heart broken, (P.2, L.68-69). The narrator is afraid to feel anything real because he/she might end up with a broken heart once again, (P.1, L.20-23). It is so much easier for the...

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