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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Essay

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Identity is as much about public perception as it is self-perception. In Mohsin Hamid’s novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist the reader is confronted with this fact in a bid to understand what it means to be American and Pakistani. The narrator Changez is unsure of who he is, and whilst certain personality traits remain, his sense of identity is changed significantly by the novel’s conclusion. Through the use of a dramatic monologue Changez is able to explore how he sees himself as he attempts to clarify his experiences in America. The use of allegory further enhances the story as Hamid also questions the identity of America and Pakistan as nations and provides a controversial ending to trap ...view middle of the document...

He attempts to stand out in Greece to impress Erica and at Princeton so that he is likely to secure a successful employment. He represses his Pakistani culture in Manila and his delight at seeing “America so visibly brought to her knees”, knowing this to be “unacceptable to [his] colleagues.” His sense of identity is shown to be something he has consciously changed, though this doesn’t make him feel any less ashamed at his lack of dignity in trying to “act and speak… more like an American.” In this light he is a sympathetic character as he is clearly at the mercy of his reliance on how others see him and relies strongly on being loved by others.

Further-to-this, he is brutally honest about his sexual encounters with Erica as he pretends to be Chris in order to have sex with her. This causes the American to look at him “with a degree of revulsion”, a response likely shared by the reader. This frankness shows that his sense of identity has improved since he returned to Lahore. That his identity is “so fragile” since he can impersonate Chris to his own ends is cause for suspicion however, and he attempts to predict others’ perceptions of him throughout his monologue. He claims it is unlikely he did Erica any harm in this since “surely I could not have known what would happen” to her later. He acknowledges to the American that he “lacked a stable core”, perhaps recognizing the confusion he felt at this stage of his life. Hamid uses this scene to show both the selfishness of his ego and the extreme lengths he will go to be one with Erica. Read as an allegory, his shame and dissatisfaction leads him to conclude that he is uncomfortable with pretending to be American and ultimately the country rejects him in the same manner Erica’s body does. Despite his great endeavor to prove himself worthy of the role of American student, businessman and lover, he admits to the American he tried to ignore the “impending destruction of [his] personal American dream.” He mourns this by explaining that America was “a religion that would not accept me as a convert.” His sense of identity is greatly influenced by the public’s perception of him and his difference to the average American, so much so that he is admits he “was never an American.”

His environment further alters his identity; allowing Hamid to emphasize the impact place has on one’s sense of self. He is “immediately a New Yorker” as he is comfortable in celebrating his Pakistani heritage, between the deli, Urdu-speaking cab drivers and Erica’s enjoyment of his “exoticness.” In Manila he finds himself sharing their “third-world sensibilities”, and he realizes for the first time how “white” his coworkers are. He symbolizes this by refusing to shave his beard after being in Pakistan, almost as a way to make up for his shameful actions elsewhere. These eye-opening experiences lead to him see America through foreign eyes- the disgusted look of the cab driver in Manila resonates with him, as does his...

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