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The Religious Life On Planet Earth

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The Religious Life on Planet Earth
Veronica Esparza

Religion crosses so many different boundaries in human experience; religion is notoriously difficult to define. Many attempts have been made, however, and while every theory has its limitations, each perspective contributes to our understanding of this complex phenomenon. But I would like to say that religions pertain to the most significant of life concerns the concern to which all other are inferior. As a friendly stranger coming to the people in this planet I would like to show them the importance that religion has if it is practiced with love in the correct way to preserve the peace in earth.
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I have been in planet Earth for a number of years and I have had the opportunity to analyze 2 different religions: Christianity and Islam.
The first religion that I decided to look into is Christianity. I decided on this religion first because it is the largest religion in planet Earth with around 2 billion followers. Christianity has a number of denominations, beliefs, and implementations but these denominations focus on their faith of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is believed by Christians to be the Son of God and to have been conceived by a virgin named Mary. When Jesus was in his 30s he became a teacher and prophet whose life and teachings structure the basis of Christianity. Jesus preached love, charity, and humility, and love for the one and only God. His preaching provoked the resentment of the Pharisees. After the Last Supper with his 12 disciples, he was betrayed by one of them named Judas and was crucified. Christians believe that he rose from his tomb after the third day, appeared to his disciples a number of times and then ascended to Heaven after being on Earth for 40 days. Christians honor one God making their religion monotheistic, however this monotheism is unique because their one God constitutes of three persons: God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit and Christians refer to their threefold God as the Holy Trinity. Christians have the Bible which is where they get their teachings from. Christians are devoted to their God; they worship him, pray to him in time of need, when they are thankful, and they believe that one day they will get to dwell in the Heavens with their God for eternity. Superiors this is what makes their religion and our similar. Except the God we believe in does not consist of a Holy Trinity. Their God is also compassionate, loving, caring, and they feel his presence when they pray to him just like we do.
The second religion that I got to analyze is Islam; Islam is the religion of the Muslim they believe in one god Allah thus making this religion monotheistic as well. Islam is based on the words and religious structure established by the prophet Muhammad and taught by the Koran. Muhammad is a prophet that the Muslims believe to be the channel for the final unfolding of God’s revelations of mankind. Muhammad began his teachings in Mecca in 610 but...

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