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The Relationship With Money And Success

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Prof Jodie S. Brown English 101-96529 16 March 2015 The Truth About Success Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. However from the day that one is born, one is lead to believe that success is demonstrated by the amount of wealth one obtains in their life time. However, success is determined by the accomplishment of one's goal and can not be gained with money. Money and Success are not defined by each other and money can not accomplish success. Success does not make money nor does money make success, for example, one of the most prestige soccer team in the English Premier League, Manchester Untied, spent £150 million on some of the best strikers in the world. Yet they ...view middle of the document...

Although the New York Knicks are worth 2.5 billion dollars they are in last place in their league and have not been able to use their money to gain wins. The Knicks are unable to maintain a consistent recorded in the NBA or have they been successful in winning. While the Knicks are worth 2.5 billion dollars they have become the worst team in the league while the Golden State Warriors, only worth 1.3 billion, are in first place (Darren). Both teams are worth a great amount of wealth yet while the Knick are worth almost twice as much as the Golden State Warriors they can not be compared to the Golden State Warriors for they are a much better team than the New York Knicks. Even with the Knicks being the second most valuable team in the NBA they have not been successful in the NBA as they are the last team in the league. Money can not accomplish one's aim or goal, success can only come through one's determination and hard work in accomplishing that goal. Many people become successful in accomplishing their goals without the use of money and some do not end up with a great amount of wealth to demonstrate their success. For instance, It seemed to cut him off from the old vagabond life which he hoped never to resume. Henceforward he meant to press onward, and rise as high as possible...He felt it was time to retire from business. He would leave his share to the public patronage to other boys less fortunate than himself. That evening Dick and Fosdick had a long conversation. Fosdick rejoiced heartily in his friend's success, and on his side had the pleasant news to communicate that his pay had been advanced to six dollars a week.(Columbo)
Richard was able to move up from a shoe shine boy to a counting room clerk and now shares his success with his friend Fosdick. Richard was able to accomplish his aim of leaving the shoe shine business and into the counting room clerk career that he wanted. Richard left his job in ambition to acquire a new career where he would feel better off, In the end he was able to accomplish his goal through the fortunate event of saving a child's life. His will to acquire a different career lead him to being at the right place at the right time thus earning him his job as a clerk and being able to leave the old one. Although Richard did not gain a great amount of wealth he was able to accomplish his goal of finding the job he had longed for and was able to leave his past behind and become a new person making him successful. Another example, is the Famous soccer star Cristiano Rolando; I greatly respect his competitive mind-set on the field, and it’s no surprise that he is currently considered the best soccer player in the world. I had the opportunity to share his joy onstage at this year’s...

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