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The Relationship Of Wealth And Democracy

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There are many ways to accomplish the pursuit of wealth and power as well as social justice and democracy. The pursuit of wealth and power and the pursuit of social justice and democracy are related because they both affect the society. For example Adolf Hitler's pursuit of wealth and power almost caused a genocide while Martin Luther King's pursuit of social justice and democracy extinguished desegregation in the United States.
Adolf Hitler's rise to power provided him with wealth. Together power and wealth and power allowed Hitler to impact society. He persuaded the Germans specifically the poor that the Jews and homosexuals were the problem to their misery. The Germans soon accepted and began to follow Hitler due to their economic downfall. The ...view middle of the document...

Similarly Martin Luther King affected the society in his pursuit of social justice and democracy. King's vision was to have a society in which race was not an issue in how people were treated or how they were allowed to live their life. His effort to have equal civil rights have changed the country for the better. He also believed in non-violence, following in the steps of Gandhi. Police forces did not back down from using violence against demonstrators and protesters but against their civil resistance they soon lost their brutality. King had affected the society by decreasing violence. He spread the awareness of protesting against discrimination. Responsible for passing the civil rights act and the voting rights act he changed American law so that blacks could not be treated separately from the whites.
Although both leaders affected society, it can also affect individuals. Adolf Hitler provides a perfect example. Adolf Hitler's reign lasted for only so long. As soon as the war ended the Germans that followed Hitler realized Hitler's true intentions. Furious at Adolf they tried to kill him. When he was trapped he did not want to be taken captive and suffer for the rest of his life. He wanted to die a dignified death, so he committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol. Hitler affected himself as an individual. Without all of this wealth and power Hitler could have lived longer. His pursuit of wealth and power affected his lifespan.
The desire to achieve something can affect things, and in this case it's the society and an individual. Adolf pointing his finger at the Jews and homosexuals caused the discrimination to them while King's protest ended discrimination against the Blacks. Both figures have changed the world in many ways, some for the worse while some for the better.

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