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The Relationship Between The Trust In Subordinates And Job Satisfaction In Subordinates

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In this paper, an assumption that "with higher degree of trust in subordinates, subordinates will have a higher degree of job satisfaction" is made. This assumption is based on the theory of leadership and motivation. According to different level of trust in his subordinates, superiors will apply different types of course in leading and this difference will cause divergence in the subordinates' return. If the returns are intrinsic factors, job satisfaction will be created. If the returns are extrinsic factors, job satisfaction will not change.
Job satisfaction has different but similar definitions. Locke (1976) stated that" job satisfaction is a pleasurable emotional state ...view middle of the document...

Suggestions and initiatives from subordinates are superfluous and will not be considered. Under democratic leadership style, decision- making powers are shared by the group. This kind of leaders give instructions after consulting the group, which means they may discuss and accept some of the suggestions and initiatives from subordinates, subordinates therefore include in the process of decision making. Maximum freedom is allowed to subordinates under free rein style as the superior does not lead but leaves the group completely to itself. Therefore, the subordinates can design their own policies and methods independently.

Personality and the experience of the leader may affect the leadership style, but the characteristic (which is a factor of whether a person is reliable and trustworthy) of subordinates may also impact the choice of the style. Some negative characteristics such as carelessness, unfaithfulness, dishonesty or irresponsibility lead superior hard to trust in people who with some of them. The only way to manage those undesirable characteristics is that regular the behavior of their staff and decides explicit standards. Thus, authoritarian leadership style is preferable when subordinates are not reliable. With more degree of trust in subordinates, democratic leadership style would be implemented and eventually free rein leadership will appear under a stage of complete trust

Behavioral Theory - Ohio State Studies
In this theory, consideration and initiating structure are two factors to assess leadership. What will be focused is initiating structure. According to Frarahbakhsh, S (2006), initiating structure is an extent to which a leader defines the roles of leader and group members, organizes group activities, initiates action and defines how tasks ate to be accomplished by the group. A leader with high degree in initiating structure tend to let followers know the expectation to them, give strict guidelines of performance, schedule the works for members.

It is also an assumption that strict and detailed guidelines will only give to whom one is not really trust in. Therefore novices or virgins will be given an explicit guideline about their duties and performances as the result. Thus, with more trust in subordinates, lower degree of initiating structure will be given.

Path-Goal Model
House, Robert J. (1971) believes that the leader's job is to help the followers in reaching their aims and to give direction or support to make sure their aims are compatible with the organization's one. The theory argues that leaders assume different leadership styles at different times depending on the nature and the demands of a particular situation. There are four types of leadership styles under Path Goal Model:
According to House, Robert J.; Mitchell, T.R. (1974), Directive leader behavior is to let followers know the expectation to them and let them know how their tasks should be performed. It is a leadership with strict guidelines...

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