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The Relationship Between The Academic Performance And The Living Accommodation Of Student Nurses

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Name (Optional): ____________________ Age: _____ Gender: _____ Year and Section_____

The questions in this scale ask you about your feelings and thoughts about your living situation college life. Elements to be considered when evaluating your living situation include your roommate(s), your room/apartment/house itself, your neighbors/suitemates, your neighborhood or area on campus, and the general environment of your living arrangement. In each case, you will be asked to indicate how often you felt or thought a certain way. Although some of the questions are similar, there are differences between them and you should treat each one as a separate ...view middle of the document...

Last semester, how often did you feel confident in your ability to handle personal problems related to your living situation?
0 1 2 3 4
7. Last semester, how often did you feel that things in your living situation were going your way?
0 1 2 3 4
10. Last semester, how often did you feel that you were on top of things concerning your living situation?
0 1 2 3 4
11. Last semester, how often were you angered because of things that happened in your living situation that were outside of your control?
0 1 2 3 4
12. Last semester, how often did you find yourself thinking about things concerning your living situation that you had to deal with?
0 1 2 3 4
13. Last semester, how often were you able to control the way you spend your time while in your place of residence?
0 1 2 3 4
14. Last semester, how often did you feel that difficulties related to your living situation were piling up so high that you could not overcome them?
0 1 2 3 4
15. Last semester, in what type of location did you live?
Dormitory With Parents Apartment Condominium Others (please specify): __________
Last semester, how many days per week did you:
1. Engage in at least a moderate amount of physical activity? _____ days per week
(“Moderate amount”= 30 minutes of moderately intense activities, such as brisk walking, or 15-20 minutes of more intense activities, such as jogging or playing basketball.)
2. Engage in weight lifting or some form of strength training? _____ days per week
For an average of _____ minutes per day
3. Take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement? _____ days per week
4. Eat breakfast? _____ days per week
5. Eat lunch? _____ days per week
6. Sleep less than seven hours? _____ days per week
For the following questions, fill in the blanks:
1. Last semester, what was your grade point average (GPA)? ________
2. Last semester, how many credit hours were you enrolled in? ________ credit hours
3. Last semester, how many hours a week did you work? ________ hours


1. Do you estimate how many hours you will need to study each week? Yes ___ No ___
2. Do you meet assignment deadlines? Yes ___ No ___
3. Do you begin working on semester long projects early in the semester? Yes ___ No ___
4. Do you write a daily "to do" list?  Yes ___ No ___
5. Do you prevent social activities from interfering with your study...

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