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The Relationship Between Religious Values And Ethical Values

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Most of us who have religious beliefs, often these beliefs are closely tied to our values and to the ethical principles we believe. But it would be a mistake to assume that ethical values are simply religious values. At least, the relationship is more complex than people sometimes realize. Religion and ethics are obviously intertwined as it exist countless studies of Christian ethics, Islamic ethics, Hindu ethics and so on. Both religion and ethics serve a common need in our society. Societies are built on the plank of co-existence and mutuality.
Ethics is the study of what "ought" to be. It is a theoretical study and is otherwise referred to as the study of morality. Moral is an important ...view middle of the document...

The relationship between religion and ethics is about the relationship between revelation and reason. Religion is based in some determine on the notion that God (or deity) reveals insights about life and its true meaning. These insights are collected in texts (e.g. Bible, the Quran, etc.) and presented as “revelation.” Ethics, from a strictly humanistic outlook, is based on the tenets of reason. Anything that is not rationally verifiable cannot be considered justifiable. From this perspective, ethical principles need not obtain their authority from religious doctrine. Instead, these principles are upheld for their value in promoting independent and responsible individuals who are capable of making decisions that maximize their own good while respecting the well-being of others.
Even though religious and secular ethics don’t obtain their authority from the same source, but it won’t stop us from find a way to establish common ground between them; otherwise we’re condemning ourselves to live amidst social conflict and division.
As we can see in our societies, most people accommodate the requirements of reason (ethics) and religion by developing certain qualities that we would bring to our everyday ethical discussions. Aristotle said that cultivating qualities (“virtues”) like truthfulness, reason, accommodation, compromise, honesty, wisdom, moderation, and prudence. Among others, would allow us all to enter the discussions and conflicts between religion and ethics, where differences exist with a measure of moderation and agreement. When ethics and religion collide, nobody wins. However, when religion and ethics find space for discussion and agreement, we could maximize the prospects for constructive choices in our society.
Although ethics is in adherence to law and social expectation, however it also has their root in religion. All religion has their influence in ethics values. Islam is a way of life or Deen and those who practice the Islamic faith are called Muslims. Deen is derived from Arabic root DYN and can be describe as the complete way of life that encompasses faith and subjugation to Allah (God), and includes every aspect of how we live our lives. Generally, Deen means indebtedness, submissiveness, judicious power and natural inclination. Islamic ethics is applies to the self, family, relations, business, medicines, science and the environment. In Islamic ethics, it is defined as Akhlaq (good character). Muslims derive their Islamic ethics from the Qur’an and the Hadith. The Qur’an contains several guidelines or ethics that Muhammad’s followers must comply with. The Hadith presents Muhammad as the exemplary human whom Muslims must imitate in all respects. The Islamic view of ethics, like...

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