The Relationship Between Humans And Animals

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Imagine there is a locked room where a person, a tiger and a rabbit are. What will happen? Without doubt, the tiger is forced to eat the rabbit to live; the person is forced to fight with the tiger for survival. This is the most basic relationship between animal and animal and between human and animal, based on the rule of the jungle. As we all know, even with much stronger ability of thinking, with high IQ, people are still almost the same with animals-- I mean physically. However, with the development of the species through evolution, people are possessed of a much stronger power which is the advanced technology than animals are, hence the relationship has changed. Besides eating animals ...view middle of the document...

People always overvalue nature. They think whatever they abuse; nature can rebuild the resources for them. However the truth is that thousands of animals are endangered, that nature hurts a lot, and that the Earth is somehow ruined.
Not only can the Earth be damaged because of killing animals, but also people hurt their conscience. They kill animals without any guilty. They think that they have already been fairly nice to the whole things, like to say lives are equal, however to be reluctant to admit that the lives of animals are still meaningful.
Some professors posted their thought on website that the extinction of animals is a result of human evolution. Even though it is true that the law of the jungle suits not only animals but also human, I still hold the opinion that it is not right to kill animals to merely satisfy ourselves. I can’t tell my thought precisely because I am confused about how to balance human and animals as well, but I can tell my story with animals. This is not a story for education or an example about how good an animal is or how bad it is. But let me assure you, this, like any story worth telling, is all about a cat, the cat I loved since I first saw her. Without meeting her, I would not be like I am now here typing and holding this opinion.
I didn’t relate to people well in my childhood. Even my mother, who I was closer to than anyone else on the planet, was not in harmony with me, never exactly on same page. But in southeast Jiangsu, in a small city named Nanjing, my hometown, I met her, my cat. She captured my attention since I walked my first step in the pet shop. I stared without breathing at the innocent green eyes that are shiny like jade but with energe and the grey and white fur that felt smooth to touch. She was the most restless one at that time, jumping here to there with tail upright. I finally picked her as my companion.
I brought her home; named her Wuri which I hold the opinion that is the best one for her. She took me to a totally new way to live. It was my first time to watch over a kitty so carefully that not only could I get up early to feed her when she kept miaowing to me, but also I helped her take shower which, believe me, was really a tough work. We had a better relationship than what we had been when we just met each other since Wuri followed me everywhere. When morning came, if I didn’t get up, she would rush into my bedroom and jump up and down in excitement on my bed until I went to...

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