The Relationship Between Critical Thinking And Ethics Essay

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The Relationship between Critical Thinking and Ethics
GEN/201 July 27, 2014
The Relationship between Critical Thinking and EthicsCritical thinking is when exercising or involving careful judgment or judicious evaluation. (Version 3.0.3)  This means you take all the facts to narrow down the decisions of a situation or problem. In critical thinking there are six types of thinking, as described
by psychologist Benjamin Bloom. They are remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing,
evaluating and creating. (Ellis, 2015, p. 205) The process in which to use the six types of thinking is a three-step process of checking your attitude, checking for logic and checking the evidence. (Ellis, 2015, p. 205) This process will help you move through the six levels with more ease. Checking your attitude helps you in keeping an open mind and also being open to others point of views. While checking for logic, it can help you see assertions and assumptions in ...view middle of the document...

This also means I may
unintentionally cause people to be upset or in pain because I am so focused on my good motives,
that I don’t see the problems with my methods.
I believe my personal ethics influence my decisions by valuing rationally and sensibility equally. I
believe that while there are universal principles, each situation is unique, and not all exceptions can
be categorized, which for me the best solution seems to be both, consistent and flexible. I seem to
prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. My primary concern is protecting individual rights.
The applications of ethics in professional settings are usually detailed in employee handbooks. The
company Code of Conduct is usually included in the handbook. Companies might also have a
separate Code of Ethics that is tailored to their profession. While the topics are generally the same,
the description of expected behavior is tailored to the specific industry. Thus, a handbook for a
business might be slightly different than a handbook for a hospital or government agency because
the situations the employee faces will be different. (Baird, 2014) The applications of ethics in a
societal setting can be when you become a member of a community, such as a nation, state, or
even a city or town, passes laws and ordinances that all people are expected to follow. Again, the
topics are similar but may have slight differences based on the value commitments of the
community. For example, one community may permit concealed weapons in certain situations while
another community would never allow concealed weapons outside of a home. (Baird, 2014)
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