The Relationship Between Atmospheric Elements And Consumer Behavioral Intentions: The Case Of Retailing Sector

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The purpose of this study is to find out the significance of atmospheric variables with respect to consumer behavioral intentions particularly in the Pakistani environment. The behavioral intention is explained with the helped of four dimension first is recommending to the friends and family, willingness to revisit the retail store, wish to stay longer and willingness to spend more at a particular retail out let. With the help of the literature four major dimension or factors were identified to be the most importance variable among all the atmospheric variables. Those ...view middle of the document...

As Scholosser (1998, p.345) states that the first thing that is captured by the consumer when he/she enters a retail store is display of the store. Interior atmospheric variables are exceptionally significant because these elements have an effect on a shopper’s approach/avoidance behaviors, their time spend and on purchasing of the product (Turley & Milliman, 2000). Hoffman and Turley (2002) explore atmospherics to any facility that consists of both tangible elements (the building, carpeting, fixtures, decorations, etc.) and intangible elements such as (colors, song, temperature, scents, etc.). The store interior atmosphere is also discussed in three dimensions such as ambient factors (light, melody, aroma), societal factors (workers and purchaser in the store) and lastly design factors (style, layout, architecture) (Baker, 1992).However In a resent study is was found out that atmospheric elements (color, lighting and style) were found significantly related to customer positive impression (Countryman & Jang, 2006). The environment of a retailing store plays a vital role for consumer to make his /her product buying decision. Mostly in the studies the retail environment is define in two categories physical aspects (lighting, music .color and displays etc) and social environment which includes the numbers and friendliness of the employees .Which plays an important role in getting consumer positive attention in a store environment (Baker,1992 ; Yan, 1996).According to Ryu,(2005) “The place, and more specifically the atmospherics of the place, can be more influential than the product itself (e.g., meal) in purchase decision-making”. It is also found in earlier studies that a formal, impressive and symbolic attributes of a retail environment convey various messages to consumer .Which also helps to bring up positive service quality and store image. Similarly it was found that an effective shopping environment helps consumer to stay for longer time and influence towards more approach behavior (Stoel, Wickliffe, and Lee, 2003).

Research Objectives
Following will be the objectives of this research:
• To study the consumer’s intention with regard to interior environment of retail store in Pakistan scenario.
• To find out whether there is any relationship exists between interior environment and consumer’s intentions in retail store.
• To analyze the impact and size of interior environment of retail store on consumer intentions.
• To explore which elements have the most significant impact on consumer behavioral intentions.
• Does the consumer react positively or negatively to particular aesthetics that contributed in the environment of the retail store?
Problem Statement
The interior of the environment plays a significant role while shopping in a particular retail outlet. Retailer spends a heavy amount in their decor which helps them to increase their profit .A positive interior environment helps the consumer to stay longer , enjoy, purchase more,...


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