The Relationship Essay

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The Relationship
A relationship is all about trust, but is it the case in this story? What will happen if there is no trust? Can it have consequences, for the person who has lack of trust? Lack of trust can say a lot about a person, ex. that the person is jealous or that the person maybe have been cheating with another woman/man and doesn’t want the spouse to do the same. Is it the same with Toni and Leo in this story?

The short story ‘’The Relationship’’ by a unknown author is most likely set somewhere in USA, maybe in New York because of the restaurant ‘’…. New Jimmy’s.’’1, but it is not for sure because it could also be a name of another restaurant. But one ...view middle of the document...

The sentences in this short story are very short which can be seen in the text where it says: ‘’Toni dresses up.’’5 And ‘’It’s four o’ clock in the afternoon.’’6

The point of view in the short story is a 3rd person narrative, but it is limited to Leo which allows the reader to follow his actions and observations, but also some of his thoughts. It has an effect on the reader because the reader can associate with him.

Toni and Leo are married and have children, and both have been unfaithful because they have been cheating each other with another man/woman. Toni were at a restaurant eating dinner and having drinks with the buyer who was interested in the convertible. It seems like there is something wrong with her story and she comes home the next day. Toni doesn’t seem to be interested in Leo, when they talk on the phone for instance: ‘’Wait, wait a minute, for Chrst’s sake, ….. Did somebody buy the car or not?’’7 and she says: ‘’I have to go now. I have to go to the bathroom.’’8 She takes pleasure in humiliating him, when she says: ‘’…rather be classified a robber or a rapist than a bankrupt.’’9 and ‘’but you don’t have money’’10. She doesn’t respect him because she is interrupting him when he says: ‘’Honey?’’11 It’s like he is saying please don’t do this, but she doesn’t listen to him. Toni doesn’t even look at Leo. They don’t have any real communication. When Toni dresses up and explains what she is going to do, she sounds like a call-girl and then Leo says: ‘’did you have to say that?’’12 which also can be a sign of jealousy. It’s like Leo won’t admit to himself what Toni is doing. He accepts it and you can say that he is a bit of a cuckold. Another sign of that he is a cuckold, is when Toni says ‘’Go ahead’’13 she...

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