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The Regeneration And Future Of Cardiff Bay

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The Regeneration and Future of Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay Development Corporation
The Cardiff Bay Development Corporation was set up in April 1987. The aim of this project was to regenerate the 1,100 hectares of old derelict docklands of Cardiff and Penarth. All of this was in aid of the British Government’s ‘Urban Development Programme’ in order to help regenerate the deprived and run-down areas of the cities. The main aim of this regeneration project was so that Cardiff could be put on the International map as a “superlative maritime city”. This would improve everyone’s view on ...view middle of the document...

The responsibilities of the Development Corporation were also in the hands of Cardiff County Council (which Cardiff Harbour Authority is part of), the Welsh Development Agency, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Vale of Glamorgan Council. They wanted this project to create a new environment in which people will want to live, work and play in. It was to provide more housing and job opportunities and to also link the city centre with the waterfront. More open space was to be created with a development in leisure and the industry. It was said that these will help to encourage people in the communities of the area. Another aim of this project was to attract different businesses into the area which would also help students studying various things in Cardiff. The Development Corporation spent public money to carry this through. 2.4 billion pounds was spent on this project.

The Impact
It was estimated that the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation had achieved 16,750 new jobs, 4,800 new housing units,79 hectares of open space, 695,000 sq metres of non residential developments, 327 hectares of land reclamation and 42 kilometres of roads built or upgraded.

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