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overview of the problems occurred
Individual – employee, supervisor and manager
Group – the management
Junior and senior managers feel losing power because of the practice of empowerment. Most of the managers waste time on dealing with minor issues. The general manager John Becker is sick of giving minor decision instructions to his subordinates.
Organization – The Regency Grand Hotel Verbal and written complaints from the customers increase rapidly. The prestige of the hotel is replaced by negative feedbacks given by the public. The business is definitely losing money.
*Relating to Organizational behaviour* concepts
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They might not have the abilities to complete the full range of the new work activities. We cannot imagine how a bartender feels when he is cleaning the room. Employees need to know about their duties well and what their contributions are so that they will understand how their work affects the whole hotel. Work motivation could be increased through helping employee to understand the meaningfulness of their job.
Autonomy is another factor of job design. John Becker was trying to increase the level of autonomy but failed. After being introduced the empowerment, junior and senior managers feel that they are losing their power. When time passes by, they started to doubt or even reverse employee decisions. Employees then lost confidence in decision-making and reverted back to relying on the supervisors.
Employees also need to know how well they are doing based on direct sensory information from the job itself. The staffs here rarely receive any positive feedback from their superiors when displaying initiative

and made good decisions in satisfying the needs of the guests. Howeverthe managers simply reverse the employee decisions instead of coaching them. This runs counter to the general manager’s instruction because John Becker wants the supervisors coach and assists the employees rather than provide direct orders.
Motivational theories Becker spent a lot of time observing and interacting with the bottom employees. This helped many employees to understand what he expected of them. When things are getting out of control, the performance is not what Becker expected, he began to feel exhausted. This is the expectancy theory of motivation. On the other hand, employees expected better careers when the American took over the hotel. They worked hard and used their initiative, creativity and judgment as directed to satisfy customer’s needs but rarely received positive feedback or reward. When they are able to forecast the poor outcome, they will not put effort into their work at all.
The other concept in organizational behavior is needs-based theory. According to this theory, human beings care about physiological and safety matters as top priorities. The good working relationship in the Regency Grand Hotel had been severely strainedbecause people are unlikely taking responsibility for mistakes. They want to secure their jobs. When problem occurs, they were quickly to point the finger at one another. Since the lower need (safety) is not satisfied,next higher need like esteem (respect from the others) and belongingness (make friends) will not become the primary motivator to those employees at this stage.
Behaviour modification Behaviour modification is about Antecedents, Behaviour and Consequences. Here in the Regency Grand Hotel, employees were not motivated in the workplace (Antecedent) and made more and more mistakes (Behaviour) or even absent from work. As a consequence, customers complain more often and very bad...

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