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The Red Cross Essay

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Saving Lives with Losses

‘A gift in season is a double favor to the needy’ is an announcement by the Red Cross. The Red Cross has announced the campaign of the necessity of blood donation. Every minute of every day, someone needs blood. That blood can only come from a volunteer donor, a person like oneself who makes the choice to donate. The Red Cross’s announcement is important to me because blood donation is remembrance of my friend, valuable lesson and custodian of health.
First of all, the Red Cross helped me realize the importance of blood donation. Every 3 seconds, someone is in desperate need of blood. We all need blood to survive, but for sick children, accident victims and cancer ...view middle of the document...

I promised to myself that I will not pass by if there is a blood donation.
Second of all, my close relatives and I could be in a situation of receiving. No one knows what will happen to us. The Red Cross campaign can be a great assistance in these kinds of circumstances. Their campaigning will make more people pay attention to blood donation. Some of them may donate their blood. The Red Cross will collect blood consistently from these people so that patients or I can receive a transfusion at any time needed. Moreover, I also can donate my blood for the others. Through transfusion I can have an opportunity to save lives. One campaign from the Red Cross gave me unforgivable lesson that one’s blood can save someone and that I and my close relatives can be saved by someone.
Lastly, I noticed that I can diagnose my health condition while donating blood. Since I come back from school at 11pm on weekdays, do not have time to check my health or go to hospital for an in-depth checkup. Once I was very sick at school but I could not go to the hospital. However, blood donating takes about 15 minutes compared to checkup. Moreover, it is pricey to receive a medical examination, but blood donation is free. The Red Cross campaign helped me be aware of my health and taught me another way of keeping my body healthy.
To sum up, the Red Cross Campaign was important issues to me because it gave me a chance to recall my friend, learn an unforgettable lesson and also helped me stay healthy. I hope the Red Cross campaign also comes to touch others’ hearts and also wish that we come to realize how important it is to all of us.

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