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The Reasons For Child Abuse Essay

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All throughout history there are numerous accounts of children being abused by their parents, guardian, or an adult. People often wonder why a man or woman would want to harm a child, and while there are many programs are out there that do their best to prevent child abuse. The best prevention however is finding the causes of child abuse. Child abuse is often the result of stress or anger issues, psychological disorders, or the cause of the person having been abused as a child themselves.
Some people cannot handle the responsibilities and obligations a parent must fulfill. Children, especially toddlers, need constant care and supervision, putting a lot of weight on the parent. Single ...view middle of the document...

When a child is born with or develops mental or physical handicaps it changes the fate of that family for the rest of their lives, especially if the handicap requires that the child must be under constant care for the rest of their lives. Some parents may choose to put their child in a home, if they choose to keep it there are several organizations that will help the family with the financial burdens, albeit this doesn’t mean that an emotional burden has also been placed on the family. A parent, or parents, may form resentment to their child if they cannot handle the task of taking care of someone who will constantly require attention and must always be looked after. A parent losing their job affects the whole family in a negative manner, especially if it was unexpected and the family is not financially secure. This may cause a rift between the two parents, and several different scenarios can happen, divorce, a spouse leaving, or psychological damage to the children if they constantly see their parents angry at each other. Occasionally a person may just naturally have anger management issues. This is a serious problem, more so when they are married and have kids. A severely angry man or woman has the potential to hurt their kids when they are in a fit of rage. Whether or not this comes out of physically harming them or mentally harming them it affects the kids and scars them, although the parent’s anger can be treated with medicine and counseling.
When a man or woman feel as if they will not be able to cope with the stress of life they may turn to alcohol or drugs to help with their problems, ironically this raises the probability that they are simply adding on to their problems. When someone is under the influence they lose control of their common sense and reasoning, often acting out on emotional impulse. This can lead to the person physically beating their child, especially if they see them as the source of the problem, or mentally abusing the child to boost their own self esteem.
Drug abuse, whether overdose on any prescriptions they have or if they buy them illegally may either make a parent or guardian violent, induce unconsciousness, or put them in a dreamlike state where they are unaware of the things happening around them. An adult in a violent rage will most likely severely injure children as they are easy to overpower. When a parent or guardian is unconscious or in the limbo state that drugs put you in, puts the children in a very different form of danger. Young children need to be consistently watched over otherwise they may do something to harm themselves. Adults not supervising their own children are neglecting them.
Another problem with a parent drinking alcohol or doing drugs is that it may tempt the child to follow suit. If a young kid sees a parent drinking they may think that it is okay for them to join in as well. If the kid sees drugs around the house while their parents are out or sleeping they might try some just...

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