The Reason That I Fall In Love With My Girlfriend From The Psychology Concept

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Analysis the reason that I fall in love with my girlfriend from the psychology concept

Recently, I got a lovely girlfriend. We feel so happy and sweet in this relationship. Some people believe that having close relationship because of sentimental fate. But I think this is not only fate. Now I am going to explore the reasons using the idea of interpersonal attraction. I think many different types of theories of interpersonal attraction can explain about close relationship in my life.

The interpersonal relationship is the need of some affiliation to keep relationship with friend or family. We seek people with some similar situation for the relationship. Interpersonal attraction is that ...view middle of the document...

Feldman, 1992, p.203). In our case, we are so similar in many ways. For example, we like to eat Japanese food and snack. When we go to shopping, we can decide to eat food quickly as we know what food each other like. Also we always talk about school life .When we take an examination, we can go to library and study together. The similarity will build positive relationship with us. In the past, my ex-girlfriend and I have no similar way so we are easy to quarrel. In our case, we are very similar, we can get more reward through the identification and admiration by each others.

The third factor is self-disclosure. It means that people sharing of personal information and emotion with another people, just like we reveal ourselves deeply to get the trust from others. In my case, we always share our feeling and information about life with each other. For example, we will share school problem. It will understand feeling with us and build an intimate and trust relationship. It can keep the close relationship.

The fourth factor is physical attractiveness. Our image and outlook will affect building relationship and...

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