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The Reason Of Using E Banking Essay

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The reason of using E-banking
A well developed city with over 7 million citizens, Hong Kong, currently it has about 38 authorized institutions providing E-banking system among Hong Kong (Press release, 2004). Accordingly, this report is to examine the reason why people choose to use E-banking in Hong Kong rather than using traditional bank services and provide an overview on the advantage and disadvantage of using E-banking. After that, we will provide a recommendation on attracting more customers to use E-banking.

Nowadays, more and more technology products are launched into the world, for example, smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, computer, and those technologies are designed ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, a majority of Hong Kong citizen, who are familiar with the Internet, will choose to use E-banking as the services of this system is time-saving, convenient and 24-hours access because time are important to those wage earner, since time is money. The E-banking services can reduce the cost of human resources.

Because the Internet is not common in 60~70’s century, therefore, the percentage of the elder age E-banking user is low, which means the E-banking is not famous at that age group.
In this situation, here are some recommendation for the bank consultation. Firstly, I will recommend that the bank can hold some free talks or computer lessons for the elder. It is never too late to learn. In the beginning, the bank can introduce E-banking services to the participant, which can lead the elderly to get the basic information of the E - banking system and learn to use it. For those retired people, they would have more free time than others, so that it will be a good opportunity for them to learn how to use E-banking system to invest their money.
E-banking services can bring...

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