The Realization Of A Man That Life Changes Over Time, And That All Things That Go Around Come Around And How Your Worst Enemies Can Become Your Best Friends

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Ahh, up bright and early on Saturday morning.Nothing beats a good night's sleep with a good cup of decaf...2 cups of decaf.I'll just take a walk down to the Huddle House restaurant.I sat down at the counter and looked around me. This place hadn't changed a bit, same polished floors with same framed pictures of various 80's singers, same "old fashioned" juke box whizzing away in the corner.I picked up a menu and began to look at the different items trying to decide if I wanted to order breakfast."Excuse me," said someone, as they touched me on the shoulder.I looked up and turned to the side to see a rather nice looking woman standing before me, too nice to be a real waitress."Is your name ...view middle of the document...

How many times this annoying brat (I never called him that on his face) had laughed at me because I had no parents and had to live in an orphanage? How many times this big bully slammed me up against the lockers in the hallway just to make himself look like a big man to all the other students?So finally Roger had remembered. Yes I had been his bully, I had hurt him. But now I knew better. Being paralyzed from the feet down and having no friends had shown me the consequences of bullying. I had been surprised to see him enter this morning as I was on my way down south with my wife. I had recognized him immediately, but had been too afraid to call out.What if he still hated me after all these years? How could I bear to face up to him after saying all those things about his parents to him. So I had asked my wife to greet him. I had become a coward physically and mentally and here he was in a crisp new clothes looking like a million dollars. I waved to him as he looked at me.My heart pounded. I was still scared of him I realized. He was a bully a long time ago, maybe he had changed, so I smiled, returned the wave and turned back around and began to eat my breakfast."Jesus. He's so thin now. Not the big burley guy that I remember from school," I thought to myself.All of a sudden I heard the sound of dishes breaking so I spun around to see what had happened. Tony had accidentally hit several plates knocking them off the table as he was trying to get into his wheelchair which had been parked in the bathroom hallway while they were eating. The waitress ran over and started picking up the broken dishes and I listened as Tony and his wife tried to apologise.As Tony rolled by me, being pushed by his wife, I looked up and I smiled."Roger" he said, as he nodded his head forward."Tony" I responded, as I nodded my head, in return.I watched as they went out of the door and slowly made their way to a large van which had a wheelchair loader...

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