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The Real Hero For Me Essay

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My Hero

Couple days ago I was asked who I consider to be my hero? It is not some difficult mathematical question, however I didn’t have an answer at that time. Maybe it’s not important, maybe it’s unnecessary, but I spent some time thinking about all the different people in order to find that only one, my hero. Now you probably think that I will give a large account on my chosen one. Well, here I have to upset you. I have no one, or in other words – everyone! I know it’s a little weird, but that’s my truth.
The first question I asked myself was ‘what is a hero’? Is it someone we admire? Or someone who admires us? Is it a person close to us? Or unreal/fictional character that we can only imagine? If we look a little deeper in the meaning of the word ‘hero’, we find out that its roots reach Greek language in which it means ‘protector’ or ‘defender’. ...view middle of the document...

When I was little I had thousands of heroes – my Barbie doll with her mansion, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty and more fairylike characters and toys. At that time it was my life, it were things that surrounded me all the time. Anyone and anything that was colorful, cute and sweet could have been my hero, anything that could excite my imagination…
When I was older, my heroes changed. They had to show the real me. Me from capital M. At least it was what I thought. And yes, you’re right – I’m talking about the first years of being a teenager. My heroes changed all the time during that period. It probably depended on my mood and the day of the week. When I was happy it was Britney, when it was Monday – rock band ACDC. A hero was only a tool to express myself. If people knew who my hero was – they knew me. I think that during that period you don’t have the real hero, you simply don’t understand what it means. And t is okay, because how can you know who is your hero if you don’t even now who are you? Adolescence is only the road of searching and discovery...
Now, I finally understood who are my heroes and I can firmly state that they are very down-to-earth people. Not some musician or actors, not a doll or fantasy character. It is embarrassing that it took me so long to come up with the answer which is so simple... My heroes are all the important people in my life who are always there for me. Today – my brother who told me the truth about my terrible haircut and stopped me from making a fool of myself, tomorrow – secret admirer who will send me a gift, in December- my friends with the best birthday wishes, and always – my parents who became my heroes on the first day of my life.
There can be as many heroes as you want in your life, the only thing that matters is that your heroes have a real effect on your life, that heroes are the people who you love and who you want to stay in your life forever. It is enough to call your friend as your hero if he made you smile through running tears.

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