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The Real Antagonist Of Frakenstein Essay

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Luke Almeida
Mr. Purificato
Monday, March 22nd, 2010

The Real Antagonist of Frankenstein

At first thought, the monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a symbol of darkness, whose only wish is to ruin lives. He can be viewed as the antagonist, and the element Victor must overcome to restore balance and harmony to his world. But after the novel is looked at on a different level, we become aware that the creature wasn't responsible for his actions, and was just a victim of a misevaluated situation. The real antagonist of Frankenstein isn't the creature, but rather his inventor, Victor. Betraying his creation upon birth, having ...view middle of the document...

The creation’s heart was “fashioned to be susceptible of love and sympathy” (Shelley 209-210), shown by the instances when it helped grow De Lacey’s farm for months and when it saved a little girl from drowning. Had Victor brought up the creature in a loving environment, it could have been a creature of kindness and peace without experiencing the wrongdoings that steered it towards feelings of hate and vengeance. After nurturing the creature and teaching it the concepts of human society, Frankenstein could have explained his situation and the creation to Clerval, Elizabeth, and the rest of his family, demonstrating that despite its appearance, his creation was kind and loyal. His creation would be given the love and affection it desired from Victor’s family and united with his family, he could have then lived a peaceful, joy-filled life, his creation never becoming the downfall of his family.

Although some may say that Victor created the monster to better science and humankind, Frankenstein had no consideration for any others due to his struggle for knowledge. Upon discovering the secret to creating life, Victor’s ambition led him to aim for the gold, creating a human instead of some potentially less dangerous life form. His “imagination was too much exalted by my first success to permit me to doubt of my ability to give life to an animal as complex and wonderful as man” (Shelley 39) .He spent two years working on the creation, isolating himself from his closest family and friends. When his creation did not turn out as he hoped, Frankenstein showed no concern for the creature’s future well being, running away and leaving it to fend for itself. The creature’s harsh experiences of prejudice led it to murder Frankenstein’s brother William, yet Frankenstein couldn’t be bothered to change his attitude and give the creature the companionship it needed, instead hating it more. Even though he...

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