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The Quiet Door Essay

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Raechel Huizinga
Mr. Dempsey
April 4, 2014
The Quiet Door
One of the hardest tasks to accomplish in life is obtaining a sense of peace. In a disordered world that circles with fear and confusion, it is difficult to find. The concept faced and feared by all is the idea of death. It is not the act of dying that humankind desires to avoid, but the unknown beyond it. It is obvious through culture how the world fears death; movies, literature, and general behavior prove it. However, there are few who contradict the idea that death is dark and forbidding. In a poem called ‘Death is a Door,’ the author, Nancy Byrd Turner, writes, “Death is only a quiet door / in an old wall” (11-12). ...view middle of the document...

Repetition is commonly used to spotlight a main idea the author wants to be realized. Mood is created depending on the meaning behind the subject of the repetition. In ‘Let Evening Come,’ the word let is constantly repeated. In fact, it is used twelve times in the relatively short poem. Kenyon, using repetition, implicates the idea of the peace of allowance. Things will happen that cannot be stopped. A man can attempt to hinder them, but in the process he will only create more pain and uncertainty. To stop fighting inevitable things is a wondrous experience, and it invokes a strange calm: peace. In ‘Let Evening Come,’ Kenyon writes, “Let it come, as it will, and don’t / be afraid” (18-19). One cannot stop the world from turning; night will come. The opposite of peace is fear. Fear consumes and destroys, but at the end of the struggle, peace is the light that accompanies one into the darkness.
Symbolism is the device that creates the ‘deeper meaning’ behind a seemingly uncomplicated and simple piece of writing. Once the symbolism is unveiled, the mood of the piece becomes more developed and appreciated. In ‘Let Evening Come,’ Kenyon is not writing about afternoon, evening, and night, but about life and death and the twilit time in between. Day symbolizes life, and night death, but in this poem Kenyon focuses on dusk; the bridge that joins them. In her poem, Kenyon does not...

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