The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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The Pursuit of Happiness
Jun Xi Zhou
DeVry University

The Pursuit of Happiness
I would like to comment on a movie called “The Pursuit of Happiness”. It is based on a true story of the famous self-made millionaire Chris Gardner. When I saw this movie, I thought it might be another old story of inspiring people to stick to their dreams, nothing new. But I decided to watch it for the reason that it stars Will Smith who was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Actor because of his performance in this movie. I believe that a good movie must have a good plot, wonderful acting, and the most important thing is the audience’s feeling when they have finished watching the ...view middle of the document...

We have been educated since we were children about how a miserable man escapes from a desperate situation. I found the persistence of the dream through this movie.
The plot of the movie is also very important. Chris Gardner was 28 when first time to see his father, so he was determined to be a good father when he had children. But his life was down and out, he can only sell bone density scanners in hospital every day. Because cannot endure the poor life, his wife left him. He and his son depend on each other for survival. But Chris has been very optimistic. He taught his son don't lose heart. Then Chris earns a chance to become an intern stockbroker. He develops a number of ways to make phone sales calls more efficiently. He also reaches out to potential high value customers and finally he has won the full-time position. In fact, although we are very desperate, we couldn’t give up looking for the hope. No matter how desperate we are, we still expect the miracle will occur one day. The spirit in this movie did inspire me and gave me the strength and told me not to give up no matter how desperate I am. Everything is going to be well eventually.
Will Smith's excellent acting also make movies especially wonderful. What exceeded my expectation is that the movie also delicately describes the father’s love to his son. My favorite section is in the subway...

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