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The Puritan Experience In New England

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The Puritan Experience in New EnglandMISCONCEPTIONS:*saintly heroes who brought civilization to American shores1.sieze Native Americans land in Gods name*liberty-hating bigots who opposed all forms of pleasure/creative thought1.Dressed according to class2.Did not celebrate holidays3.Beer is OK if drunk in moderation4.Sex w/in marriage seen as gift from GodIMMIGRATION*wanted to create model "Christian Commonwealth" .*to maintain this society rules were strict against moral laxity,hard labor and non-believers(p.44)17TH CENT. PUR. BELIEFS.*Earth is God's temp. kingdom, humans used as divine vessels*every event/creature is related to God's cosmic plan*struggle between good(God) and evil(Satan)*God's followers achieve "heavenly bliss"*Satan's followers receive eternal damnationVIEWS ...view middle of the document...

2."Only good Indian is a dead indian" (45)3.Forces pur. to reevaluate their missionIMPROVEMENT AND ITS PROBLEMS7.Nearly every1 could read/write.8.Life expectancy 65 yrs.*Means more working years and potent. 4 more $$*Prosperity has drawbacks since Non. Pur. have only commercial motivesoDrop in chur. Membership (esp. among men)oLack of youth interest in spiritual mattersoPlacement of economic gain above communityEFFECTS: 1662 Half Way CovenantoAllowed unconverted children/grandchildren of full church members to enjoy some church privilegesoThe compromise is fails in improving chur. Membership, & demonstrates as to how far N.E. had fallen from its orig. ideals*"Glorious Rev." King James II ousted however Pro. monarchs Mary&William write Charter of 1691 which turns Mass. Into a royal colony.TRIAL OF ANNE HUTCHINSONoHutchinson was a pious woman who accused the colonial ministers of teaching that one can get to heaven by good works(Pur. rejected this view believing one went to heaven because of faith).oIs banish from colony and imprisionedTHE APOLOGIA OF ROBERT KEAYNEoAccused of obtaining wealth through crooked policies by Pur. authories and is fined 200 __oDefends himself by saying his prices were cheaper than everyones elses and that he has seen worse crimes that haven't been judged so heavily.EDUCATION AND LITERACYMASSUCHUSETTS SCHOOL OF LAW OF 1647oEstablished 1st system of public education in the coloniesTHE NEW ENGLAND PRIMER c. 1687oIllumines the method and content of early childhood instructionHOME AND FAMILYPOETRY OF ANNE BRADSTREEToPuritans tended to look down on works that worshipped the human writer instead of God. However the did favor poetry that promoted understanding of divine truth.oBradstreet wrote a book of poetrySALEMS STRUGGLE W/SATANo1692 Salem girls accuse certain individuals of bewitching them.o19 ppl hanged as a result

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