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The Psychiatric Influences Of Anorexia Essay

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Anorexia Essay

Anorexia is generally described as an eating disorder and characterized as low body weight and body image disorder. It is a psychiatric diagnosis in which victims starve themselves, force themselves to vomit, and/or do excessive exercise. The psychological influences come from the four areas of interest: physical characteristics, cognitive abilities, emotional state, and social environment. All areas are greatly effected by many teenage girls throughout the video.
Physical characteristics drastically change in an anorexic being. These characteristics include body size, sex, appearance, drives, and inherited traits. All the victims in the video were all women, but it may ...view middle of the document...

They had very low self esteem and one girl would carry notes with her, to remind herself how “fat” or “ugly” she was. Other victims would hear “voices” inside their heads, encouraging them not to eat. Counselors would say people with anorexia would fall into a deep depression and cut themselves or have suicide attempts.
The cognitive abilities become very poor in the mind of a victim of anorexia. Their abilities to reason, solve problems, and communicate become very pathetic and worthless. One girl was saying whenever she was hungry, she would go into the kitchen and look for food, decide she didn’t want anything, and then leave. Another girl would say how she thought a single strawberry would get her through the night. This demonstrates the fatal diet of anorexia. The victim hospitalized desperately wanted to see how much she weighed so if she had gained weight, she would know to stop eating again. The worst part of their cognitive abilities is that they were never satisfied. One victim felt that if she weight 60 lbs, then she needed to be 50 lbs; if 50 lbs, then 40 lbs. One of the girls was described as only caring about numbers. Because of their behavior, it is necessary to have a 24 hour care at the rehab center so the girls diet properly. The cognitive abilities of victims of anorexia become...

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