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The Progressive President Of United States

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The significant factor that leads the United State becomes the most powerful country actually depend on its presidency and the policy to control their society. In fact, the United States has survived from several situations that should have brought them down to the crisis, but, the national political leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, who intense to the social and political changes in America, have successfully raised a betterment for the United States, especially in the period of Progressive movement (1890-1920). Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were the national political leader that regarded as the Progressive president since they introduced dramatic political ...view middle of the document...

J.P Morgan, the U.S consolidates that created a great merger movement in the creation of monopolies and trust had successfully improved the economy in the United States, which led the United States stepped in the world stages as the major player as a result of the war with the Spain. Also, the American seems to relieve the need for reform which known collectively as progressivism. The progressives were made up of the first group of people, from all walks of life, from all races, from all classes, and mostly from the middle-class movement (Bauer 8). The progressive movement occurs in a series of important movement, in which the activists responding to the industrial urbanization where the growing population began to increase the poverty level. Besides, they want to make the society have more moral, less corruption, and more democratic, so that the movement could encompass many different changes in society and expected to make the society more palatable to lives (Bauer 8). In fact, there were many motivations behind the progressive movements. A large number of women became activists for social reforms, which particularly fighting for their suffrage and equality. Besides, the settlement house movement tries to acculturate the immigrants by teaching them English, teaching them grooming skills, and training them for a job. Some organization movements also appeared, the National Consumer League, for example, have looked for the consumer protections and protections for industrial workers. These people become advocates for reform, testified before boards and councils and legislatures (Bauer 8). The greatest achievement was when the progressives push for better public education, as well as the demand for better parks, better transportation, better hospitals, and demand to make life better for children and female workers. The progressivism also uses the emergence of social science as a way to provide evidence for claims about the harshness of society when they look to improve it through legislations or petitioning (Bauer 8). In the same time, the religious movement also demands more prosperity for their people, the Protestant, for example, also become active in the progressivism which signed by the beginning of the social gospel movement. In addition, the moral movement significantly helped the progressive's women to successfully prohibit the use of alcohol by the18th amendment, banned the sale of tobacco by the ratification of 14th amendment, and achieved the right of the female suffrage by the 19th amendment. The progressive amendments also successfully running the direct election of the senators in 1914. Finally, the progressives which included the movement of the social and religious organizations, women activists, and the other elements of society who fight for reformation, have accomplished a lot. The progressives' era essentially laid the foundation for much more Humane Society in the history of the United States (Bauer 8).


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