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The Process Of Writing Essay

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The Process of Writing - An Essay
Writing is possibly the toughest job a person can do. Utilizing the electro-chemical reactions within the brain to produce relevant thought - and recording those thoughts in a logical, coherent manner, is undoubtedly tougher than performing familiar manual tasks or (relatively) only moderately intellectually-stimulating arithmetic. Writing is intensely personal as well - one may well unintentionally spill their emotions into the piece, whether it be poetry, a short story, a novel, or a 1200 page informative piece. The only barrier between the author and the audience is a thin encryption of the words which veil the author's true feelings - which are easily ...view middle of the document...

Balancing the significance of explaining the thesis with writing the paper itself is difficult. Any obvious disjointedness or unnecessary explanation could ruin the paragraph or even the overall paper. Therefore, focus and concentration is required; and I find music the best method of increasing my concentration. The genre of music preferred varies with the genre of the piece. For a political paper, fast techno/dance music is preferable, to keep my mind in motion, actively searching for the next sentence, and the next, to establish my point effectively. For expository papers or other, non-combative essays, I prefer a light alternative rock or ambient music, to relax me and keep me focused upon the current page. For fiction and poetry, soothing instrumentals and classical music: the melodies, the crescendos, the decrescendos, the dipping, and rises, of the notes all keep my writing very detailed and descriptive. But whether Tchaikovsky is serenading me whilst writing a short story or whether DJ AM is keeping me on my toes in a lively debate, there are exceptions.
For instance, I have found that Rachmaninov is not only perfect for helping me describe a battle, but he also assists when writing about writing. But, as my past fifteen minutes indicate, classical music is terrible for concentration when writing about writing about writing. In fact, for each additional tier of writing, music helps even less. But, if we keep our minds on the matter at hand, we shall find that more than two tiers of writing are unnecessary at present, for the peak of excitement approaches.
When preparing for the climax of the paper, I tend to evaluate my work up to the present, and imagining the effect this has upon the reader. I then make slight alterations to make the buildup more level and...

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